Cuba: Cayo Largo on a catamaran

Cuba: Cayo Largo on a catamaran

12. October, 2021
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Cuba: Cayo Largo on a sailboat

The Caribbean island seen from a particuar perspective, Cuba, or better Cayo Largo the small island off the southern Cuban coast. Obviously we are talking about catamaran for a trip to be done in a particular time of the year New Year's Eve! In this period Cuba is magical, the best dry heat season that warms and makes you want to stay in the water. With the sailboat you will go to the exploration of the stretch of sea of Cayo Largo and the nearby islets. Dividing the days between a dip in crystal clear water and the tan lying  on the golden sand and fine.

To live Cuba today means to retrace the history of a paradise, of that happy island that was at the beginning of the last century, atmospheres that we will relive on these still unspoiled islands today. An incredible New Year’s Eve, immersed in the middle of the warmest season of the Caribbean island, thinking about the sweaters and scarves left at home. You will make an unforgettable experience, including original mojitos, great food and why not, some good Cuban cigars to enjoy after meals.

Pack your bags and put your swimsuit inside

A few hours by plane separate you from the Caribbean paradise of Cuba, once arrived at the boarding on a catamaran of about 13 meters equipped and furnished as the best suite. From here will begin the sailing tour along the most beautiful things of Cuba, all to be enjoyed by the bridge where the view is simply breathtaking. We will approach small bays and deserted beaches, we will bathe every day for the duration of the holiday. Obviously included the inevitable midnight bath at the stroke of the first of the new year, a 2020 that definitely starts with all the prospects to be a good year.

An opportunity to pull the plug, put on your swimsuit to stay 9 days in total relaxation, navigation but especially in the water and the sun of the beautiful beaches. Among the activities to do obviously diving and snorkeling, so be well equipped because the most beautiful seabeds of Cuba will be yours! Sea, colorful fishes, lush and beautiful flora, a picture that seems unreal, but is anything else and we can really touch it with our hands.

Colours and music of the most classical Cuba

You can see the best of the island, its myths that have marked its history becoming legends. The Cuban music will accompany us for the duration of the trip, it will be in fact our soundtrack… and definitely also on the return home! The colours of the city, old colourful and colossal American cars of the 50s that dominate the street. The joy and hospitality of the Cubans that we can meet in the many typical local of the island, where rum and mojito flow to rivers…

This will be a unique and incredible New Year’s Eve, on boat to discover the treasures of Cuba, all the beautiful that this island has to offer. We recommend as always to take not only the swimsuit, but also a good camera maybe with a waterproof shell to take pictures in the water. At this point all that remains is to invite you to take a look at our offer, look at the pictures, the details and the itinerary that awaits you. Do not miss this opportunity, soon Cuba will lose all its charm, this is the right time to seize its essence before the whole thing dissolves!

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