Egadi in sailboat

Egadi in sailboat

The Egadi Islands, with their sandy shores and clear sea are a popular destination for sailors! Perfect for those who want to visit the west coast of Sicily.

An area of rare beauty that is worth visiting to discover its hidden treasures, and the sailboat is definitely the best way to do it!

A perfect itinerary, that touches everything that the area has to offer, starts from the west coast of the island and then move away towards the archipelago.

The west coast of Sicily, a spectacular nature

Starting from Palermo and going west there is a coast with really beautiful areas. You can visit unforgettable natural areas:

  • The Zingaro Reserve, the first protected area of Sicily and one of the richest ecosystem in the Mediterranean. A landscape of enchantment made of limestone rocks overlooking a turquoise sea, caves and pebble beaches. It can be visited only on foot for those who want to arrive by land, it is easily accessible by sea.
  • The Reserve of Monte Cofano. Also easily accessible by boat, is located west of the reserve of the Zingaro. With its tower of the ancient Tonnara and the houses of the fishermen is a place out of time, of an enchanted beauty. Crystal clear sea and rich seabed are perfect for snorkeling.

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Egadi Islands sailing, a treasure to discover

But an itinerary by boat along the west coast of Sicily cannot be separated from the Egadi Islands! After leaving the reserve of Monte Cofano you take off and sail towards the archipelago.

  • The smallest island of the archipelago, you have to circumnavigate it to enjoy its beauty: it is only 6 kmq. A slow navigation and below coast is perfect to see its beautiful coves: Minnola, Tramontana and Camarro. Interesting to see the Grotta del Genovese with its graffiti, inhabited by man between 10000 and 6000 B.C.
  • Island with an African flavor, bare and scorched by the sun. With its dirt paths, cliffs overlooking the sea and tufa quarries, it is a place out of time. Of an intense turquoise, its sea and coves are of an ancient beauty. Some areas are only reachable by sea and for this reason the sailboat is the perfect means to visit it. Do not miss Cala Rossa to the east and Pozzo Ponente to the west. The warm climate and calm seas make it a perfect destination for autumn cruises.
  • Not far from Favignana, Marettimo is a completely different island. It is the greenest island of all the Egadi thanks to a cool current that laps the coast. But be careful, its west coast is an area of integral protection is therefore prohibited navigation in its waters. It is called by the Geologists the Dolomites on the sea as it is believed to be the southwestern tip of the Alpine mountain range. Its sea is so deep blue that it remains etched in memory and is home to a rich and colorful fauna of fish and coral.