Boat etiquette, unwritten rules

Boat etiquette, unwritten rules

12. October, 2021
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Boat etiquette, unwritten rules

Seen with the eyes of those who have never boarded, boat etiquette can seem like something of another era, of a bygone era. In reality the opposite is true, those unwritten rules are still present today and are considered fundamental by those who "really" live the sailboat. Obviously we are not talking about a mere aesthetic attitude, but of behavioral rules and respect for all the components on board and the sea. Yes, because the good sailor's etiquette also concerns respect for the sea, both when in port and when sailing.

The "good manners of the sea" come to life at the end of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, when the petroleum-based industrial revolution began. At the time, they were wealthy people who could afford the luxury of a boat, so a wealthy and wealthy class. This has also determined a certain style, in fact, classic boat, jacket, trouser and shoe clothing is also from the era. Do not miss the cap and the scarf as charms that then determined the style.

How is the etiquette on a boat today?

Clearly there are no more classy ostentations, and this certainly contributed to making the sailor's world and style more accessible and appreciable. However, the basic rules are still widely respected today, for example:

We say these are the attitudes that make the etiquette in the boat, the one not written, be fulfilled in life on board.

Elegance and sailor style

As far as the aesthetic side is concerned, this is no longer comparable to that of a century ago, but not even to the more recent style that distinguished Avvocato Agnelli. Today even on-board clothing is less sophisticated, decidedly more casual and sporty, which, however, is not trivial and stands out widely. Especially with regard to jackets, much more technical and made with water repellent materials of exceptional effectiveness.

Of course the legacy of the dandy sailor is not missing, with the classic white V-neck pullover, as well as the wide-legged trousers in midnight blue or beige. The shoes are instead a classic that distinguishes the sailor, in leather, lace-up and with a white background, the moccasin that never sets. This is the style, which is obviously very subjective but which certainly gives some stimulus to those who actually love the sea and life on board!

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