Athens, the city in the shadow of the Parthenon

Athens, the city in the shadow of the Parthenon

20. December, 2022
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When you visit Greece, specifically the Saronic Gulf, you can't help but visit its capital, its beating heart, the oldest and most authentic Greek part. Yes, we are talking about her ... The beautiful Athens.                          vista.jpg         

To make your holiday truly unforgettable, before setting sail on board a wonderful sailing boat or, why not, at the end of your incredible cruise, take some time to explore the origins of this magnificent place. After a week spent relaxing in the waves of the sea and filling your eyes with a thousand shades of blue, it's time to delve into the past, visiting the most famous Greek attractions that have marked and written the history of the West. For the more athletic we recommend this small walking tour, while for those who want greater comfort we recommend renting a minivan with driver or a car, in order to be able to move in perfect autonomy following our itinerary. The cruise departs and returns from the Alimos Marina in Athens, which could be your perfect home base. First, visit the hostess: the Acropolis.


On top of a so-called "protector" mountain, the Acropolis dominates the city center. It is in fact a real citadel that still today preserves the historical essence from which it comes, almost as if the characters of that time walked the stones together with you. Enter from what was once the main entrance to the Acropolis: the Propylaeus, a marble portico placed in front of the doors of a temple. The Acropolis is the home of the Parthenon, one of the most important parts to visit, a temple built in white marble from Mount Pentelicus to accommodate the golden image of Athena Parthenos, an imposing and colossal 12 meters tall sculpture.



Then head to the Temple of Athena Nike, located on the west side of the acropolis a few meters from the overhanging rocks that characterize it. This beautiful temple, through relief decorations, tells the battles between Greeks and Persians on three sides while on the fourth side to the east it represents the gods of Olympus intent on watching these bloody battles. Finally arrive at the memorable amphitheater known as the Odeon of Herodes Atticus, a theater originally covered, able to accommodate thousands of people for the usual musical works of the past.



Then, enjoy a typical lunch in the shadow of the Acropolis and the Parthenon, before setting off to discover the city. After relaxing, head to Syntagma Square, the most famous square in Athens that houses the Parliament building, built between 1836 and 1842 as a palace for Otto, the first king of Greece. Opposite the Parliament building is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, controlled day and night by the "Euctions": guards dressed in traditional uniforms, which change as the hour changes.


After witnessing the iconic changing of the guard, a few steps away you will find the majestic Presidential Palace, the official residence of the President of the Republic, with its royal gardens with attention to the smallest details. Your tour continues towards the penultimate visit to the Kallimarmaron Panathinaiko stadium, the only large stadium in the world built entirely of Pentelic marble. This stadium is most famous for hosting the first modern Olympics in 1896.



If you want to take a relaxing walk among nature, reach Philopappos Hill and follow its pristine paths that will take you straight to the top, which will give you a panoramic view of the Acropolis and the entire city of Athens, leaving you breathless! Indulge in an aperitif in the picturesque neighborhood of Parka, located beneath the Acropolis hill with its characteristic streets lined with local shops.

Finally, have dinner in one of the typical taverns of the place and taste the most intriguing and tasty Greek dishes, letting yourself be carried away by this precious atmosphere rich in ancient history.

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