Nautical fashion between trend and style

Nautical fashion between trend and style

12. October, 2021
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Nautical fashion between trend and style

We are accustomed to the stereotype of blue and white, as a sort of "marine" symbol, in reality nautical fashion is much more expressive. For some years now the nautical world has changed "style" and colors, moving towards a sort of aesthetic renaissance. This change is also cultural, today boating is no longer just an exclusive of a few, and it is also for this reason that it broadens the horizons. A nice sign of this change is to "touch it with hand" at the Düsseldorf Boot, one of the most important fairs in the world.

In these last editions, including that of last January and to be exact the 50th, the change in styles and trends is clearly evident. Today the boat as the car must have personality, the one we are looking for, for example, when we buy a new quattroruote. The producers, particularly Italians, have offered the best of that "Made in Italy" that distinguishes our country. Therefore, it is now possible to see pistachio, burgundy, pearly gray, red, fuchsia and many other shades in the harbor. A sign that times change, with them also fashions that become increasingly subtle and engaging. Everything that was taken for granted today is changeable, combined with the tastes of that life style that generates a niche fashion that is able to influence all the others.

New styles inspired by nautical fashion

Often the "boat style" is considered elitist by high-ranking people, and it is a mistake, perhaps it could have been a few decades ago, now it is much less exclusive. The eccentric "dandy" of the past are just a memory of the past, that was a kind of narcissistic and exhibitionist style. The fashion of the 2000s is sober but also very specific and highly elegant, such that it is often imitated by fashion houses around the world. Can a boat be inspired by fashion? Yes of course! Behind a boat and before being put into the water, there are years of research, design and stylistic passages. Every little detail is calculated and decided on a table coordinated by a set that then encloses everything with a unique final result.

The personal style is not lacking, the nautical fashion is born in different teams, in the yard and in tailoring, often the second takes its cue from the first. Trends are mainly aimed at finding new materials, styles and designs that leave a mark. In other words, a boat does not necessarily have to have a white hull, just as the nautical fashion to wear should not be blue or white. We are in a new era that has nothing to do with the exclusive and closed nineteenth century.

The design and trend that identifies with the personality

Certainly being "boat types" makes us feel privileged, but this status is linked more to the pleasantness of the moment than to a haughty attitude. In fact, in recent years, going by sea with a sailboat, catamaran, small yacht or large boat is definitely within everyone's reach. The rental as well as the mini-cruises, record really important annual increments, sign of a growing interest.

Nautical fashion is definitely very different from how we used to think, but we can realize that it is very different as soon as we set foot in one of the many marinas. The sector, despite the winds of crisis, is growing and is certainly a significant sector of the Italian and world economy. We close the post with a phrase that is worth remembering, and it is: "Beauty is always right". How not to agree!

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