First cruise on a sailing boat, what you need to know

First cruise on a sailing boat, what you need to know

28. July, 2022
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First cruise on a sailing boat, what you need to know

The first time you get on a sailboat is most likely to go on vacation; therefore, the advice is to enjoy it. Be Blue Tour Operator has a staff of staff and skippers with proven experience, and is in partnership with the most important operators in the sector.

We will take care of you in every respect, so you don't have to worry about a thing. Our skippers will send you their recommendations, so you will leave already informed of everything. In any case, here is a brief review of the essential things for your first sailing cruise. To know and to take on board.

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Some information on suitcases and clothing

What to take with you on your cruise, especially if it is your first sailing cruise, is always a matter of concern. Let's clear the field of any hassle. Here are a number of helpful tips:

Other precautions to keep in mind

Then there are other small details that are useful to know as you are about to take your first cruise on a sailing boat. Intimate hygiene products, for example, should be limited to just shampoo and a solid soap for hands and body, such as Marseille soap, to be clear. Remember that everything we use on board ends up in the sea, and it is our specific moral duty not to pollute it. It is useless to carry the hair dryer with you, since normally you do not have the possibility to use it.

An important aspect for life on board is that of the galley, that is the boat's food storage. When you book the cruise, remember to ask if the galley is included or if, as often happens, we meet at a certain time in the port to go shopping all together. If the galley is already included, remember to warn the skipper about possible intolerances and allergies. As for medicines, it is good to bring the medicines you usually use but do not overdo it.

On the boat there is an on-board pharmacy with essential medicines, so take only essential and personal medicines with you. For the rest, during your first cruise on a sailing boat, all the normal civil rules of good coexistence between people who share common space and destination apply.

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