Galley on line

Galley on line

12. October, 2021
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You have booked your sailing holidays and you are about to leave. Your luggage is ready and costume fins and mask are in your suitcase. What remains to be done? Shopping!

Planning carefully before departure the supply of the galley is a fundamental issue. Depending on the destination, it may not be possible to refuel adequately during the trip.

It takes experience and eye to figure out what to buy and in what amount, and it’s not always easy.

A home service tailored to your needs

But shopping is a waste of time! And you want to make the most of your holiday: a week or two at sea without unpleasant stops at the supermarket or in local shops.

Our team will meet you to allow you an easy start with all the supplies you need.

The online galley service is active and tested, in agreement with local shops and supermarkets! Do your shopping online and the supermarket will deliver it directly to you on board. Choose from the various proposals and order comfortably from home or from the boat. You will be handed everything on board at the time of departure. A very welcome comfort, given the amount of sailors who appeal to you!

Precisely for this reason we thought of designing type lists, calibrated on the time of stay on board and on the number of occupants of the boat. This will make it easy for even the most inexperienced to plan a complete and adequate purchase.

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Sailing without worries, an added value for an unforgettable holiday

Active service at most of our destinations, Cambusa online will allow you not to go looking for shops to shop in. Leave these tasks to everyday life and enjoy a holiday full of comfort.

From Croatia to Italy, from Greece to the Seychelles, from Martinique to Spain, the Cambusa Online service will accompany you through your most beautiful holidays.

Go to our website and choose the destination and one of the services indicated for it, paying attention to the stages in which the service is active. Then check the Cambusa online page to know where you can use this food delivery service directly on the boat. Order, receive and then leave! This way you can cater without worries.

But not only before departure, during the trip you may need to add something to your galley. Also in this case book online your shopping before landing and make arrangements for delivery. Each place has different providers and the rules may vary, but the service offered in each of the destinations is always at the top. The groceries will be delivered to you in the day saving you boring go to the supermarket.

If you have difficulties or do not know how to adjust, remember: our expert is always at your disposal to advise you and to guide you in your choice.

In short, Cambusa online is a service designed specifically for lovers of the sea and for those who do not want to miss a moment of their holiday. What are you waiting for? Test it!

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