Journey to the Grenadines: take a walk on the wild side

Journey to the Grenadines: take a walk on the wild side

12. October, 2021
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The title recalls a very famous song by the great Lou Reed, who all in all fits with the spirit of adventure of a trip to the Grenadines. It is true that these islands, of which there are several hundred (600), are not exactly one of the most popular Caribbean destinations. Too bad, because these islands located south of Saint Vincent, in the Barbados area, are small pearls that emerge from the Atlantic. A group of islands that make up that Caribbean archipelago, from the Dominican Republic to Trinidad and Tobago. Just to get an idea of ​​places where the beauty of the sea and beaches go beyond any possible imagination.

We are basically talking about the Caribbean essence, the real beating heart of the Caribbean, with the Tobago Cays, a group of islets that emerge from the crystalline ocean surrounded by a horseshoe-shaped coral reef. Islands that can only be admired with a sailboat or catamaran, but always under sail, to fully enjoy the panorama and it's quiet. In these islands the beaches are wonderful, with white sand and shallow sea for a few tens of meters, ideal for taking walks in total relaxation.

To feel free and a little pirate, the effect of a trip to the Grenadines

Here, let's say that the Caribbean of these islands are not those of the classic itineraries, in this case it is a very special and exotic destination, that of the Grenadines. A trip to these islands with a sailboat or preferably catamaran is unparalleled for one simple reason, there are no other island formations similar to these. They are unique and spectacular, these islands seem to float on water, surrounded by a sea that only with the eyes is able to understand its infinite beauty.

Lots of sea, relaxation and for those who love diving, fantastic depths with flora and fauna that only National Geographic could show us, but it is another thing to see them with your own eyes, perhaps next to colorful fish. Another "island" not to be missed is Mopion Island, a patch of sand in the middle of a sea of ​​the right size for a couple to sunbathe and swim in a surreal setting.

A trip to the Grenadines is definitely to be put among the "favorites" of our mental bookmark!

 Why take a trip to the Grenadines

Well, perhaps we should say why not take a trip to these fantastic islands, rich in vitality, light and indescribable colors, which in addition to beauty, the atmosphere certainly offers it's why. Just some Hollywood scenery; imagine yourself on the deck of a sailboat or catamaran, perhaps pampered by a light breeze that caresses the skin, while sipping a good cocktail or local rum, and why not, cheered by a good cigar… yes it remembers so much a famous writer!

However, there will be grilled lobsters, delicious and fresh from the fish, all seasoned with a sauce of vitality and adventure that can hardly be experienced elsewhere. A trip to the Grenadines is like having an anticipated vision of Paradise, to be experienced and on a sailboat or catamaran with or without a skipper, it depends on how experienced you are "sea wolves", even if steering a sling in these waters is really a walk ! Are you ready to discover with your own eyes that the "Earthly Paradise" exists!


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