The summer boat: Kufner Yacht 54

The summer boat: Kufner Yacht 54

12. October, 2021
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Belize sailing between corals and Mayan culture

Small portion of Latin America, bordering Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras, while the maritime side faces Cuba and the Cayman Islands. From this we can understand that it is a tropical country, with a climate that averages around 25/28 degrees, perfect for feeling good and without heat. The extraordinary thing about this country is its foreignness to international political facts, the news and every other social problem. This is because although Belize is little smaller than our Sicily, it has a total population that does not reach 380,000 inhabitants, for this peace and serenity reign supreme.

Now we come to our future Caribbean experience, Belize on a sailing boat is one of those adventures that marks the heart and the mind, but above all it will captivate the view, so many are the beauties of this country. The landscape is exactly as you can imagine, fine white sand and water of a mixture of cobalt blue and emerald green, in other words paradise. This is the sea, on the ground there is no lack of lush palm groves and a typical tropical vegetation, so fruit cocktails and every Caribbean delicacy to taste.

Sailing from Placentia to the north

This port is located on the peninsula that winds along a part of the coast, and is the point from which to anchor the anchor to begin the Caribbean adventure of all time. Sailing north we will see the best of Belize, all the beauties that this country has to offer. Extraordinary atolls that rise to the surface of the water, where you can admire the marine fauna just a few meters deep. Not to mention the coral reef, with its large marine population, will be the perfect setting for the best souvenir photos in the dive.

Because obviously, there will be so much to see underwater, so masks and fins are mandatory as well as the camera, unthinkable not to capture so much beauty. If it is true that there is a Creator, in this part of the world he must have concentrated so much, to make a masterpiece like this one has certainly not been spared. Think for a moment of getting on board the sailboat that will take you to explore this sea. You are sitting on the deck, hat on your head, strictly in costume and a good cocktail in hand, while the boat sets sail and sets sail towards this Caribbean paradise, not bad right? Here this is what you have to expect from Belize on a sailing boat, a peaceful country for those who love beauty and tranquility!

Sea, atolls and land

The incredible historical, cultural and territorial variety of this country will catapult you from the beautiful of the sea to the terrestrial ones, where the archaeological sites of what the Mayans left are there to witness a glorious and still mysterious past to be discovered. Not only sea then, but also history and ancient culture of a country that welcomes tourists and offers everything it has. Sailing on a sailing boat will be like retracing the routes of the explorers of the '500s, with the difference that today we have only one interest, or enjoy these indescribable beauties and treasure them for life.

The coral reef, the atolls and the doline of the Great Blue Hole, a "blue hole" in the middle of the sea that the great Jacques Cousteau defined; one of the ten most beautiful places in the world for diving. Do you understand what we are talking about? Of an authentic world to discover, enjoy and impress in thousands of photo shoots, this is Belize on a sailboat and you can't let it escape. Without too much delay plan your trip, you can also choose your favorite itinerary, because we must never set limits to beauty!

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