Kufner Yacht, the sailing holiday you've always dreamed of

Kufner Yacht, the sailing holiday you've always dreamed of

12. October, 2021
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Kufner Yacht, the sailing holiday you've always dreamed of

Summer 2019, are you planning your next vacation in Croazia? Ok, do you want to enjoy it from a privileged point of view? Then your choice can only be the sailboat, even better if it is as special as the Kufner Yacht! We are not talking about a simple sailboat, but a refined style and design with which to live unforgettable days on a cruise. Imagine yourself on board of this incredible boat, relaxed and with every comfort available, with a liveability that rivals a Los Angeles loft.

Add to this the show that you can admire from the bridge during navigation, large and small islands, coves and deserted beaches. A luxurious vacation aboard the Kufner Yacht, a concentration of technology and design at the forefront to sail like a velvet at sea! With this boat you will experience Croatia in its maximum expression, from the sea. This country, rich in natural beauty thanks to its many islands, offers all its magnificence from the sea, blue and crystal clear to be framed.

All you need on board the Kufner Yacht

This boat is available for rental in Croatia: the new Kufner 54 models are beautiful to be seen outside and exceptional inside. Full of everything for a cruise to the maximum of the comfort, complete and equipped kitchen, wide "dinette" (or rather spacious living area able to accommodate up to 10 people). In fact, this boat has 5 cabins (bedrooms) and 4 bathrooms complete with shower, spacious and well-structured with over 16 meters of length.

The all-teak deck is perfect for sunbathing while sailing, wood with a touch of old-world elegance, a retro style that actually enriches life on board. Equipped with an autopilot, the Kufner Yacht is the synthesis of the best available on the market today. For an experience at sea this sailboat is to be considered among the best possible solutions. On the water it travels lightly and keeps the sea a marvel, the maneuverability is equal to its beauty, it never disappoints and is always the best in every circumstance.

An achievable dream holiday 

Croatia is not far from Italy, yet with its endless islands it seems very far away, and the best way to see the most beautiful Croatian towns and beaches is definitely with the boat. With the Kufner Yacht 54 we can discover the best ones, enjoy them from the bridge as we approach them and experience them entirely by sea. For those who have never taken a trip on a sailboat, on the Kufner Yacht you'll be amazed and delighted all the time, a journey that will surely leave its mark.

A holiday aboard a beautiful sailboat like this goes beyond the dream, the view that appears at sight during navigation leaves you in disbelief. Croatia and this boat are two extraordinary beauties that merge, offering stimuli to all our senses. The pleasure of comfort and the view have no equal and really deserve to be savored and lived, and of course don't forget to immortalize every moment, on board and on land!

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