Maldives, the exotic sailing trip

Maldives, the exotic sailing trip

22. September, 2022
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Since time immemorial, the Maldives have been a place that populates our imagination, especially in summer when the urge to go away and the sea are strongest. The Maldives is an archipelago consisting of no less than 1192 vegetation-covered coral islands and 800 sandbanks; the whole set rests on a bedrock base formed some 60 million years ago during the emergence of imposing mountains from the bottom of the Indian Ocean.

The Maldives archipelago straddles the equator shifted to the south-southwest of India. Its component islands are grouped into 26 atolls spread over a 754 km long and 118 km wide strip of the Indian Ocean.

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Discovering the Maldives and the Indian Ocean

The Maldives is a staple in our idea of holidays, especially the dream holiday, thanks to its white beaches and the feeling of being completely detached from the kind of world we are used to living in and getting to know.

Thanks to BeBlue, you can discover this corner of paradise in the ways that suit your true way of being. Enjoy a cruise that is all about relaxation and fun. Sail the immense Indian Ocean and discover unexplored coral atolls, visit the famous Malè and Ari atolls, among the most beautiful in the entire archipelago. With our cruise proposals you will find:

A true corner of paradise still waiting to be explored and you can do so aboard catamarans equipped with every comfort. Our voyage promises you a voyage full of fascination and amazement as well as relaxation and fun: from sunrise to sunset every moment spent will make your holiday unforgettable.

Some cruising hypotheses

On our tour of the Maldives, the privileged gateway will be Malè, with its modern airport and resorts at your disposal. From there, the journey of discovery of atolls and lagoons rich in unspoilt flora and fauna begins. You can snorkel among giant manta rays in a scenery dominated by the colours of the corals and the crystal-clear waters.

White sandy beaches, tall coconut palms, hidden lagoons: nothing is missing and it is not a film but a real corner of the world where you will have the privilege of travelling for an unforgettable experience. This and much more is the Maldives according to us at BeBlue. All surrounded by the friendliness and competence of our crews: skippers, hostesses, cooks, staff dedicated solely to your care and safety.

So that you don't have to worry about anything other than enjoying this wonderful holiday, filling up with positive feelings and energy that you can transfer into your daily life. An experience you can enjoy as you please, whether you go with family or a group of friends, or even on your own with a cabin tour to meet new interesting people with lots in common. The Maldives are waiting for you, choose the tour you prefer and the date that suits you best. We at BeBlue will take care of the rest.

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