Montenegro to sail, to discover the sea and the medieval villages

Montenegro to sail, to discover the sea and the medieval villages

12. October, 2021
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Sailing Montenegro, to discover the sea and the medieval villages

This country in the heart of the Balkans, is a destination still little beaten by international tourism, so all to be discovered. Sailing in Montenegro is an excellent solution to visit the country from every point of view, we can assure you that there are so many beauties to see. From the sea to reach the land in the many villages perched along the coast, truly unique landscapes that still preserve what remains of the Italian "contamination". Montenegro is an excellent destination to combine the best of Balkan culture and roots, for a trip along the rugged coastline between cliffs and beautiful beaches.

A tourist destination for young people where fun is guaranteed, but also for families, in fact, the tranquility and relaxation of these magical places is almost surreal. Among the many activities to emphasize diving, for divers this sea is a real surprise, crystal clear water, beautiful seabeds and lots of wildlife. For those who do not practice scuba diving a bit of relaxing snorkeling will be perfect to peer at the seabed. What can I say, it is the perfect destination for those who do not want to enjoy their vacation from day one, Montenegro, in fact, is only a few hours from Italy, so we leave and are already on vacation.

Villages, mountains and lots of sea

The extraordinary peculiarity of the town is that it offers beautiful landscapes both coastal and inland, the most beautiful but also the most inaccessible mountains of the Balkans are in this country. There are dozens of mountain trails for trekking and reaching scenic spots where you can enjoy breathtaking views, such as the Prokletije mountain range, where the view is lost between the towering peaks and the lush greenery. We cannot fail to highlight the Tara Canyon, second in the world for depth only after the Grand Canyon of Arizona.

Montenegro will surprise you for the first time, but it will also have the same effect every time, the sea like the mountain is singular, sometimes special and unique. Drop anchor in one of the small semi-deserted little coves for a quick swim, or to enjoy lunch on the boat with a view of the beach: D Moments that are not easily forgotten, as you will not be able to forget the many coastal villages as well as the internal ones. Small communities where you can still breathe a simple and genuine atmosphere, almost unreal of an era that recalls the medieval one.

Three goals for a nice trip

Kotor, Budva and Ulcinj. The first town that stuns for its incredible position is Kotor. Located at the end of the Bocche di Cattaro in an incredible double bay to cross before taking the open sea, a concentration of wonderful coastal villages and islets. Budva is another example of how nature and man when they are in tune can create something wonderful. The village is located south of the Montenegrin waters, in a small bay in front of the Sveti Nikola islet. Here it will be possible to admire the beautiful islet beach and sip a good frozen drink in one of the kiosks present, or bathe in the spectacular water surrounding the islet.

Ulcinj is the southernmost half, near the border with Albania, an opportunity to visit the mythical Scutari in Albanian territory, a city considered the cultural capital of Albania. The city is just 15 km away, so it can be easily reached by taxi, which of course has very affordable prices. Dulcis in fundo, Montenegro on a sailing boat is just a beautiful excuse to visit these truly fascinating places that will not fail to mark us forever with beautiful memories ...

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