Norway: the land of traditional Rorbu, majestic whales and spectacular fjords

Norway: the land of traditional Rorbu, majestic whales and spectacular fjords

12. October, 2021
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Norway: the land of traditional Rorbu, majestic whales and spectacular fjords

Rorbu is a traditional type of house used by Nowegian fishermen, typical of the coastal areas in the north of the country and of the Lofoten Islands. It is made of wood and usually painted red. The red color is used almost everywhere in the Lofoten, apart from the little village of Nusfjord, where rorbu houses are painted yellow. Today, many of these traditional little houses have been modernized with all comforts and used as accommodations for tourists visiting the Arctic regions.

Norway is also called “the land of the fjords” because it has the biggest concentration of fjords in the world, really impressive and spectacular. 

The Norwegian fjords cut the coast even for kilometers, entering ancient glacial or river valleys; the walls are steep, rugged and covered by forests. A characteristic of the fjords in Northern Europe is that they freeze over during the whole winter, but the thing that makes this area unique is the fact that the fjords are reminders of an ancient Norway, where people used to grow crops in a rugged territory. Today, there are little villages everywhere and many tracks for excursions, both in the mountains and on the glaciers. One of the most famous fjords is Trollfjord, destination of the BeBlue cruises that will definitely remain impressed in your memory.

Trollfjord is also called the fjord of the trolls, figures of the Norse mythology: the legends of the local fishermen recount that this place was inhabited by these magic solitary creatures. The fjord is in the northern region of Norway and extends for more than one nautical mile into the land, surrounded by high cliffs of dark stone. During summer, it is possible to cross the fjord by kayak to admire the wonderful rock formations. It is the perfect place for nature-lovers and hikers, thanks to the many footpaths.

In the waters of Norway you can admire wonderful and majestic whales! When they move, they can make their body get out of the water for three quarters, with long pectoral fins and a huge chin characterizing their shape. Their water jet can reach thirty meters in height. Watching the whales from a sailboat into their natural habitat is really an experience full of emotion.


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