Pick up the phone and find out what wheater will be...

Pick up the phone and find out what wheater will be...

12. October, 2021
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Meteorology being a branch of physics is definable "exact science", but it does not allow us to know and predict 100% the future evolution of a deterministic physical system, of which we know the initial conditions and mathematical equations that regulate the relationships between the various elements that make up it. The trends on various scales within it are extremely complex and irregular almost random, which is why sometimes predictions get it wrong.

The implied variability of meteorology can, however, be filled by the experience and intuition of a professional meteorologist, who, unlike a computer, a mathematical model, has the opportunity to critically analyze the data produced by the model and validate it according to the characteristics of the area under consideration. 

"The boater will well understand how any automated instrument, such as Meteomed services, is sufficient and even optimal as long as there are extremely unstable or distant conditions in time for which it becomes necessary to take advice from one of our professional meteorologists. From this year Meteomed offers the advice of experts specialized in nautical who can easily integrate the weather knowledge with the dynamics of navigation through a call or subscribing to the service of texting and email, says Riccardo Ravagnagn, Meteo Forecast & Services Manager of Meteomed.

Some extreme situations of sudden change of weather conditions therefore, require the direct assistance of a professional meteorologist, who performs a multimodel analysis for an overview, especially in the case of summer storms characterized by the presence of gusts of downburst, or in case of tornadoes.

"The meteorologist can provide real-time guidance, through the use of weather radars, satellite emissions, data from real-time weather controllers and provide very accurate short-term forecasts, and possibly alert in advance if necessary."

You can also have the service for medium-to-long-term forecasting, where the meteorologist can provide a better assessment of the most appropriate time to make a crossing, facilitating and optimizing navigation planning. 

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