Platform: the terrace overlooking the sea

Platform: the terrace overlooking the sea

The sailboats on the back of the boat (stern), always have a part protruding outwards. In some cases the stern area is completely or partially collapsible to facilitate the descent to the sea.
Being the lowest part of the boat, it allows to stay at sea level and therefore in constant contact with water.

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Depending on the type of boat it can be fixed or folded and is usually accompanied by a ladder. These in fact allow people to dive and climb with ease, help to disembark comfortably on the shore and facilitate mooring for skippers.


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In addition to giving more depth to the boat and therefore greater livability, the also known aft dashboard, reduces the noise of the engine because it can dampen the noise that comes from the foot area during navigation. Making this experience even more enjoyable and relaxing.

It also has a safety function, it protects the cockpit by closing the access in navigation but its advantages are especially in the activities of diving and rising from the water. 

Several are the names with which it is called among which: platform, translucent stern mirror, aft platform.