Polynesia: Tonga on a catamaran to see anything you ever imagined

Polynesia: Tonga on a catamaran to see anything you ever imagined

12. October, 2021
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Polynesia: Tonga on a catamaran to see anything you ever imagined

There are some parts of the world which remind us the amazing opportunity we have to live here, Polynesia and island of Tonga are the perfect example of our luck. We have to be grateful to our Earth for its creative side, where land and see fuse together to create an icon that also the best painter would have never be able to paint! Did you catch the beauty of this? If you have barely reach it, we could guarantee seeing this heavenly and unique place called Tonga will leave you with your eyes wide open. 

We are talking about one of the most far away island of the meridional Pacific Ocean, placed between the east Australia and  the northern New Zealand. A little spot on the vastness of this sea, full of unbelievable islands,  to visit for having a precise idea of the heaven that, if it exists, can't be very different from the island of Tonga. Just imagine yourself between the lush vegetation, breathtaking beaches and sea as an amazing fish tank full of colourful fishes, are you here? Fine, now make a qualitative leap and imagine ourself on a catamaran or sailing boat, discovering  every corner of the island, not bad, right?

Tonga on a catamaran or sailing boat, with or without the skipper

There are no comparisons, also because a classic holiday spent in a bungalow on water could be unique but monotonous. This is nothing compared to an holiday on board, with a catamaran or sailing boat.  We are talking about an incredible trip, because Polynesia is a destination full of beauty, but the unique experience is living this paradise on board of a catamaran or a sailing yacht. If you are a skilled seafarer, you  could take the helm and sail along the coast, knowing already the feelings that are waiting for you in a place like this!

Tonga in catamarano o barca a vela

For the one's who aren't able to sail, we have the solution: you can decide just to enjoy the trip sitting on the ship deck, sipping your favourite iced drink. The skipper will think about everything, offering you an unique trip along an amazing place like this. Just enjoy the breathtaking view with you eyes!

It's always true that Beauty is always right

Having the opportunity to see  the island of Tonga will be like experiencing one of the best places in the world. Doing this on a catamaran or a sailing yacht will change up to your holiday and  will give back everything more marvellous, leaving unique memories. Sailing towards the coast of this island has no comparison: diving and snorkeling in the crystal water with hundreds of different species and colour fishes, or sunbathe on the  hot and embracing sand. There aren't enough words to describe those feelings! 

Dropping the anchor in a little bay or in front of a desert beach, will  relieve the sense of exploration inside us, reawakening the desire of freedom and adventure inside every human being. Travelling again along the routes covered by ancient explorers,  telling fascinating histories; living these feelings is not so obvious. Polynesia and Tonga are destination that should be lived once in the lifetime, on board at least two!

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