Recommended books to take on board

Recommended books to take on board

7. July, 2022
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The sailing cruise is the perfect place and time to enjoy a long relaxing break. The best place to leave everything behind: fatigue, anxiety and stress of everyday life, their incessant rhythm, often inhumane schedules. Now, once you are finally on board, for a week all this will no longer exist and you can regenerate yourself, return to a different person or rather: return to the person you really are!

If it is the need to disconnect and rest what you are looking for, take advantage of a week of navigation. The gentle rolling of the waves will be perfect to catch up on your lack of sleep in the cabin or to enjoy the sun on the deck while holding a good book. Right: the sailing cruise is the ideal time to immerse yourself in reading a good book without anything getting in your way.

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What to read during a sailing cruise

The choice is obviously huge and personal, there are thousands of books you would like to read, thousands of authors, dozens of genres. This list is indicative only, and is based on:

Among the great classics we cannot fail to mention books such as Moby Dick, Herman Melville's masterpiece written in 1851, or The Old Man and the Sea, Nobel Prize for Literature written in 1951 by Ernest Hemingway.

In both books, the story centers on the obsessive quest to capture an animal: the protagonists of the novels, Captain Ahab and the fisherman Santiago, want to catch a great white whale in the first case and a giant marlin in the second. The hunting theme in both books is a metaphor for the personal condition that can degenerate into obsession and ultimately be destructive and vain. The theme of the journey as a path of inner self-awareness is instead expressed in the novel Lila - Investigation on morality, a 1991 book by Robert M. Pirsig.

The author of the famous Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance, with Lila he takes us on a journey aboard a sailboat sailing along the Hudson River towards the Atlantic Ocean. To the description of the journey and the woman, Lila, who accompanies him, the author alternates profound reflections on the very meaning of existence, playing with the term lila which in Sanskrit means "game of the world".

Books and relaxation, a combination that is suitable for a cruise

Whatever your literary preferences, perhaps nothing in the world better than a boat cruise can make you enjoy the pleasure of reading. Without schedules or commitments, without things to do or schedules to respect.

Lulled by the light swing of the waves, caressed by light breezes, kissed by the sun: nothing like being on a boat can give you all these things at the same time. For a real tonic and regenerating holiday, both physically and mentally.

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