Renting a sailboat, what are the requirements?

Renting a sailboat, what are the requirements?

18. August, 2022
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Summer is here! The time has finally come to leave the jacket or suit in the office, wear a hat with visor, Bermuda shorts, a t-shirt and put the bow to the wind. The long-awaited time has come to go to sea, rent a sailboat and spend all the time of your holiday experiencing an unparalleled emotion, sailing.

Sailing in every corner of the world, customizing their routes, choosing even the smallest detail thanks to the complete organization of BeBlue capable of satisfying every request. Not only to get you on board, with a boarding at the cabin, on already established trips but also and above all to let you choose a trip dedicated solely to you and your needs 

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What it takes to rent a boat

There are two very specific ways to rent a sailboat, each with specific responsibilities: 

In most countries, including Europe, to command a boat it is necessary to prove that you know how to do it by showing a certificate called ICC or International Certificate of Competency. That is to say, a simple certification that is recognized at the nautical school where you have obtained the license, which then accredits you as capable of driving a boat.

Recently, however, this simple certificate may no longer be sufficient to be assigned the responsibility of a boat, in many cases a certificate issued by IYT is now required, namely International Yacht Training, or equivalent bodies. After all, accidents at sea or manoeuvres in port are always very delicate operations in which the safety of several people is at stake. 

Come aboard in complete confidence with BeBlue

All this can be verified in no time at the time of booking to rent a sailboat. The BeBlue procedure is really easy, in a few simple steps:

Your holiday is never in question! Civil and criminal liability will be precisely identified between you and the skipper and any type of health insurance on board, as well as 24-hour assistance will be provided by BeBlue. Don't hesitate to rent a sailboat for your well -deserved dream holiday. The seven seas with their adventures are just waiting for you to sail their waters. 

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