Safety net: safe travel with children on board

Safety net: safe travel with children on board

12. October, 2021
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Safety net: the safety net for sailing with children on board

The Beblue team is committed to ensuring the maximum protection of its guests and their families. Precisely for this reason, on each of the boats it is possible to request the installation of a protective net in case of presence on board of children and pets.

           RETEBATT2.jpg  RETE1.jpg

These square mesh nets will be mounted on the so-called battagliola, that is along the perimeter of the boat at the candlesticks and will form a fence with narrow meshes that will contain the falling overboard of children, animals and objects. They have the function of protecting participants from any falls in the sea during navigation, so you can be lulled by the waves in total serenity and safety.
Our sailboats and in our catamarans thanks to their comfort are able to meet all the needs of our travelers. The aim is to give an unforgettable holiday full of fun and relaxation.

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