On a sailing cruise with children: guaranteed fun with your family

On a sailing cruise with children: guaranteed fun with your family

12. October, 2021
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On a sailing cruise with children: guaranteed fun with your family  

The sun begins to shine everyday longer, and the beautiful season is just around the corner, so it becomes to think about holidays: what if they will be on a sailing boat with children?

Exactly, the all family together to live unforgettable moments, sunny days spent between sea, fun and cheerfulness, navigating in a sailing cruise selected by BeBlue for families. These will be the best days, the ones that will always be remembered by your sons, to be remembered and told in the future with a big affection and… nostalgia.

Among all the holidays, the one spent all together in a sailing boat or catamaran is the one that will leave you an unforgettable memory, both adults and children: a unique experience that has to be shared with your loved ones. Children will narrate this story to their friends till the weariness!

During the last years, this vacation has been always more requested, in particular for the importance of sharing a unique experience with your family.

Where to go with children?

BeBlue offers you different itineraries all around the world, and for a sailing cruise with children we suggest Croatia and Ionian Greece, for the with our coastlines, because in the mayor cases it is preferred not to spend a lot of hours on plane with the little ones. BeBlue offers you two different possibilities for a family cruise, like the rental of an exclusive sailing boat or a catamaran with or without the skipper, and you will organise by yourself the itinerary, or let yourself be inspired by our suggestions.

The second possibility is the one that we suggest you more: the BeFamily flotilla, with cabin embark, addressed only to families, is a sailing cruise for parents and children, where the main aim is to spend time together and get in touch with new friends. The little seamen will discover the sea for the first time, guided by our skilled skippers towards the most peaceful sea, playing and having fun with their parents, set sailing through the Croatian coasts or the colourful Greek one’s.

Living Croatian boarding in a catamaran or sailing cruise with your children, with a crystal-clear sea and breath-taking landscapes, will be an unforgettable memory. This itinerary is something marvellous because all these Croatian islands seem to be created just to be circumnavigated between sea and sun. While you are navigating sitting in the dock of the BeBlue boat with your family, you will have the opportunity to take photos, surrounded by the most beautiful landscapes, spending time with your family.

The other destination that BeBlue has chosen for you is the Ionian Greece, the classic itinerary where you will experience an ancient epoque: sea hamlets and white houses with blue doors and windows will give you a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere, along an interesting itinerary for a family holiday. Greece will amaze your children, as always happens to everyone, and they will have an unforgettable memory of this vacation. So, a breath-taking holiday with your family, with the little Zorba as future captains, who will have a lot of fun laughing

An unforgettable week spent on a sailing boat with your children 

The classic holidays are always something beautiful but maybe a bit monotonous; if there is a holiday that won’t never be the same is the one on a sailing boat or catamaran, in particular if during it, the all family is reunited below deck for a special week. Every day will be a new adventure for the children, from Captain Nemo to the Caribbean Pirates, all the adventures that they have seen on tv will be now something real!

This is the ‘boat feeling’, a unique emotion for parents and little ones, spent on a sailing boat or catamaran. If you choose the BeFamily flotilla, you will set sail towards safe destinations, surrounded by turquoise and crystal-clear sea, guided by the soft wind through colourful villages and wild nature, where to have a walk with the family and new friends. Our main aim is to guarantee to everyone fun and entertainment, giving to the parents the opportunity to relax and recharge their batteries, spending the days with their children staying together and having fun. So, let’s equip the whole family flippers and diver’s masks, and don’t forget to bring with you a good camera, you will have a lot of photos during these unforgettable holidays! 

BeFamily Cruises - Zadar and Kornati, Croatia

Dedicated to families and created by our best BeBlue Skippers who are also dads...
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