Sailing ships, the cruise with an ancient flavor

Sailing ships, the cruise with an ancient flavor

14. July, 2022
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A majestic cruise like you've never imagined! You can sail on the waters of the five seas aboard impressive sailing ships hundreds of meters long, with masts soaring up to the sky and an impressive sail area. As in the best adventure movies, but equipped with the most modern and luxurious comforts: from beautiful swimming pools to the most sophisticated lounge bars.

The crew is of international standing, just like the company on board is international: participating in this type of cruise will bring you to meet dozens of people like you, lovers of adventure and the boundless spaces that only the sea can offer you.

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Three sailing ships, many possible destinations

Our fleet consists of three giants of the seas, the Royal Clipper, the Star Flyer and the Flying Clipper, all equipped with the most exclusive services. For a week of dreams you can choose from many scenarios, one more beautiful than the other:

Each itinerary includes navigation within archipelagos made up of hundreds of islets, many possibilities for anchoring and diving in pristine seas with fabulous scenery. The equipment on board will allow the carrying out of every type of recreational sporting activity, from excursions to snorkeling, to scuba diving with cylinders.

Relaxation and adventure, all at your fingertips

What to do is up to you, how you wake up in the morning. An entire crew is at your disposal to make your stay on board as pleasant as possible. Each ship is equipped with at least one large swimming pool, for swimming and sunbathing during the longer stretches of the crossing. Cocktail bars await you at all hours of the day: your holiday can also simply be enclosed in this finally deserved "dolce far niente". That is, you can also go wild in aquatic adventures and land and sea explorations.

Choosing a cruise on our sailing ships will be a rewarding event that you will dedicate to yourself and that you will have fully deserved. You will never forget a holiday like this. Being on board a sailing ship is not like being locked up in a large cruise ship: here you feel like you are part of the wind and the sea that surround you on all sides. You will feel like you are sailing the waves as if you lived two centuries ago, the adventure will flow through your veins.

And you will return to your life as always carrying with you an indelible memory, which will certainly be one of the most beautiful and exciting experiences you will ever have. So pack your bags and be ready to embark on the cruise of your life on one of the largest, most beautiful and comfortable sailing ships you've ever seen. The journey of your dream vacation is about to begin.

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