Yes, on a boat there are many places to sleep besides the cabin!

Yes, on a boat there are many places to sleep besides the cabin!

12. October, 2021
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A night under the stars is never forgotten, whether you are on board a catamaran or a modern monohull, there is no shortage of places to look at the sky and sleep in the cool of the night breeze.

Well, you don't have to camp here and there on a boat. The boats have cabins with real beds.
So let's start from there:

  1. Cabin: A comfortable bed of almost normal size. The most classic solution and perhaps the only one in case of rain. However, it must be said that in a bed between four walls you sleep every night, so we can afford to do the alternatives and take advantage of the sky view!
  2. Dinette: practically in the kitchen, it always seems to be the "extra" guest seat, a place with a bit of luck. Take possession, from time to time, of that makeshift place. By pulling down the table and arranging the pillows, you will have the most comfortable, largest and most envied bed by the crew.
  3. Benches in the cockpit: you can fall asleep there at any time of the day or night. And if they are equipped with pillows, they are practically like a bed. With the only difference that you sleep outdoors!
  4. Forward: if you really want to sleep and are no longer 20 years old, it is advisable to bring cushions to soften the deckhouse and deck. For me, it remains the best place. In the harbor, lie down, with your eyes pointed upwards. I assure you that you have never seen all those stars!
  5. Hammock: a "boatman" who knows a lot, will always come aboard with a hammock. To be shared for the afternoon siesta, to be firmly defended for the night. The hammock is the most comfortable solution ever for sleeping outdoors, pleasantly welcomed and cradled. There had to be 5. But the 6 is only valid for the catamaran. The nets in the bow! Comfortable, large and with a view of the sky.

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