Spain and the Balearic Islands, the beaches and the sea you've always dreamed of

Spain and the Balearic Islands, the beaches and the sea you've always dreamed of

24. August, 2022
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The Balearics are an archipelago of islands declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, so high is the value of its naturalistic beauties. Located in the western Mediterranean, between the Sardinian Sea and Spain, the Balearic Islands are one of the most popular destinations for your holidays.

Holidays under the banner of nature and relaxation, but also of unbridled fun according to your desires: because in this archipelago nothing is missing and we at BeBlue are able to make you experience it in all its nuances. Choose when and how, we'll take care of the rest.

An archipelago of islands, a sea of ​​tours ready for you

From Ibiza to Formentera, from Mallorca to Menorca, there is no corner of the Balearic Islands where we cannot take you. Choose your favourite period, count how many you are and understand which type of boat to leave with. Browsing through our proposals, you will certainly find the one that best suits your needs. Or, customize it. We can organize the trip tailored to your needs, all you have to do is contact us.

Many cruises are ready to set sail: sailing on boats, catamarans or gulets. With cabin boarding, if you feel like making new friends. Or with the whole family, reserving a whole boat for your group. Or even in the flotilla, to leave with many friends. We at BeBlue have the kind of trip you've been dreaming of.

Spagna e isole Baleari, le spiagge e il mare che sogni da sempre2.jpg

Some possible cruises

Sailing in the Balearic Islands is a dream come true, a perfect paradise to enjoy the crossing and the sea, for swimming and excursions, water sports and nightlife, or simply stay in the harbour to admire a starry vault as you have never seen. Here are just some of the possible cruises:

What are you waiting for, then? The Balearic Islands are a real heritage that is just waiting to reveal itself upon your arrival. Let yourself be amazed by so much wonder, leave immediately with a BeBlue cruise.

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