Summer 2019: Dubrovnik and Navigation areas in Croatia

Summer 2019: Dubrovnik and Navigation areas in Croatia

12. October, 2021
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Summer 2019: Dubrovnik and Navigation areas in Croatia

The spectacular islands of Croatia are meant to be enjoyed on board a sailboat, perhaps for this August 2019, may be the perfect destination. One destination and so many beautiful places to see, the Elafiti Islands group in the southern part of Croatia. This country is rich in territories and landscapes of rare beauty, and in many areas you can still breathe the flavor of a simple and extraordinarily happy rural society.

The departure for the cruise to discover these islands is obviously from Dubrovnik, or if you prefer Ragusa in Italian. This city is also a good starting point to get to know the Croatian culture, and summer 2019 seems like it can be the perfect period. Beautiful sea and culture just a stone's throw from Italy! We set sail from the port of Dubrovnik pointing the bow towards Mljet, where obviously we cannot miss the beauty of the National Park and its salt lakes.

The cruise that reveals Croatia

If you have ever thought about taking a cruise on a sailboat, the first experience is the one that leaves its mark, and Croatia will leave it indelible in your heart. Afterwards there will be other islands with breathtaking views, jagged coasts and pine trees that reach the sea, creating a magical mixed scent of salt water and pine. Unique sensations, smells and flavors, from a neighboring country but culturally so far from Italy. Croatia is really an excellent destination for a cruise, unspoiled nature is a great added value!

The one-week boat tour reaches the island of Lastovo, another important Natural Park, rich in vegetation where the nature of the island blends with that of the sea. Terrestrial and marine flora in a natural glimpse of rare beauty, and of the sea then, well what to say, if you have seen some Caribbean country it will seem to be back in the tropics. The advantage of the sailboat is also this, that of being able to approach unique beauties in absolute tranquility and in the silence of the wind, in a spectacular manner.

Sea, parks, food, and wine

Obviously Croatia is not only islands, sea and parks, but also a lot of good food, made of traditional local dishes. Good things to eat but also good wine, a set of sparkling stimuli that will leave a beautiful memory forever. Summer 2019 is perfect for a cruise on a sailing boat in Croatia, the sea is excellent and the wind is favorable, a nice mix that is difficult to combine in other places. A week of islands, beaches, villages and restaurants where you can sit by the sea and enjoy good wine accompanied by some snacks.

Perhaps with a panama on the head, sunglasses and a cigar in hand, pure colonial style, for a vacation that is reminiscent of one of the adventures of the great Ernest Hemingway. This country with so many islands inspires exciting and somewhat adventurous trips, visiting it with a sailboat acquires even more charm and makes it much more exciting. The advice is to make yourself comfortable on the deck of the sail and enjoy the show that appears in the bow. Sea and land beauties that will leave you speechless, a cruise to do at least once, maybe even this summer 2019! For all the travel details follow this link.

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