The Skipper

The Skipper

12. October, 2021
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Is first of all the perfect travelling companion…

The Skipper has a key role for a successful holiday on a sailboat, as captain and coordinator of the group of guests on board. On the day of boarding, the Captain deals with the check-in procedures: take-over, technical check and inspection of the boat. All the Skippers that are part of the BeBlue network take theoretical and practical training courses, participate in preliminary inspections of our itineraries and are constantly trained to work in a group to guarantee fluidity and speed during the mooring operations.


From the moment of boarding, the Skipper is responsible for the boat and its safety, as Boat Captain, but can also let the guests participate in the maneuvers and teach them some theoretical and practical sailing basics in the course of the cruise.

Regardless of the technical competence, which is a must for the Skippers selected by BeBlue, each Captain is trained for managing the group and social interactions, fulfilling an aggregation and mediation role. Having the possibility to manage the itinerary and the boat day by day, and thanks to the accurate knowledge of the destination, the Skipper will be able to guarantee a quiet or a more animated evening according to the preferences of the guests, mooring in a port or anchoring in a bay.

THE ROLE OF THE SKIPPER: During the holiday, the Skipper will take care of the boat, conduct the sailing operations and offer assistance on board. The guests, instead, will take care of the preparation of lunches and dinners and of the cleaning and tiding up of the boat, as it happens in a rented apartment. For each one of our cruises, a hostess service (a person taking care of the kitchen and cleaning) is available for an extra charge. The Skipper will assist the guests also during the transfers ashore with the dinghy and take care of all the necessary procedures related to on-board living.


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