Turkey, sailing tour Gocek-Marmaris Fethiye

Turkey, sailing tour Gocek-Marmaris Fethiye

12. October, 2021
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Turkey, sailing tour Gocek - Marmaris Fethiye

Turkey is the land you don't imagine because we always think about it as a remote area, far away from our geographical and mental borders. In reality, there's a lot in common between this land and us: a lot of our culture derive from the Ottomans' one and a lot of their culture have Roman origins. Just to say that culture, also from different countries, finds always some meeting points, especially in the southern regions of Italy.  

Obviously Turkey is also sea, with enchanted and magical places and between them we could find also the Gocek - Marmaris Fethiye area. The turkish water areas are famous for the beauty of their colours, with seabottoms full of lush flora and fauna. Bathing or snorkeling here is like living in a heaven: everything you need to enjoy deeply this is just relaxing yourself.  This part of the turkish coast is famous for the tranquillity and sailing here with a gulet will be just amazing.

Few hours from Italy sailing towards the Turquoise Coast

The gulf of Fethiye, with its indented islands, is famous for the incredible beauty and singularity; it is also a docking area for dozens of private boats and yachts. Gocek is the natural harbour, equipped for all the yachtsmen and turists who visit the area. Sailing from this place is already something special,  thanks to the breathtaking landscapes. The turquoise coast shows its beauty already from the harbour, with the Taurus mountains by the sea, creating a contrast between green-pine forests and  green see, sensational!

For sea and nature lovers, a journey on a gulet in Turkey along the most beautiful coast is like a daydream. In this area you could find savage and unpolluted nature, with a sea for exploration and its wonderful different colours. The Gocek - Marmaris Fethiye area isn't interested by strong winds or particular weather forecasts: this means that everyday is an opportunity to discover a little more the turkish heaven.

The exotic sea just two steps from Italy

Turkey is nearest as we could imagine, reacheable with a two hours flight; for this reason it's considered a privileged destination for sea lovers and people who want to discover faboulous places. Thanks to its shape and the beauty of water, the turkish coast is considered as good as other exotic destinations. Actually, we could say that Gocek - Marmaris Fethiye is the most exotic area of the southern Europe and it's possible to recognize ourselves in the culture, as a familiar one. 

Places to learn also about culture, incredible nature, breathtaking landscapes, enchanting sea and clear water, tasty food, a lot of fun and relax.  Put together these elements with an itinerary on a sailing boat and the result couldn't be described with words: it is necessary to touch with your hands and see with your eyes that heaven exists!

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