Luxury Tour

Luxury Tour

BeBlue has selected for you some of the most spectacular destinations in the world, all to be explored strictly sailing with exclusive boats and five-star service.

If you are looking for high standards of luxury and comfort for your holidays, the BeBlue Luxury Tour is the one for you. 

Book now your place on board of sumptuous yachts and sailing boats from the infinite spaces, where absolute comfort is combined with the professional service of the crew ready to make simply unforgettable every precious moment of your holiday.

Seychelles: 11-day catamaran cruise


Discover Seychelles on luxury catamarans equipped with all comforts... Mahé, Beau vallon, Marina eden island, saint Anne, Anse major, Silhouette,...

Price per person from 2.125,00 €
Sailing ship cruise: Greece LUXURY

Sailing ship cruise: Greece


Set off on an adventure on this magnificent and luxurious sailing ship, riding on the waves, surrounded by comfort and...

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Price per person from 2.100,00 €
Sailing ship cruise: Southern Italy LUXURY

Sailing ship cruise: Southern Italy


Sail to discover southern Italy, between Sicily and the Amalfi Coast, aboard a magnificent and luxurious sailing ship equipped with...

Price per person from 2.100,00 €

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