You will discover a verdant, uncontaminated coast overlooking archipelagos, Swedish-style islands with an undisturbed nature and clean beaches, deserted peninsulas or areas with many fishing villages, fabulous restaurants on the seaside, bars and cafes. The sailing season in Sweden goes from July to September, and in mid-summer there are only 3 hours of dark, so the sunlight is almost always present at all latitudes. Set sail in the waters of the Gulf of Bothnia, in the Swedish Lapland, and approach the coast to enjoy the splendid geological features of the Höga Kusten in northern Sweden. Or discover the archipelago of Stockholm and the islands of Finnhamn, Grinda, Utö and Sandhamn, all with restaurants, bars and uncontaminated nature... the archipelago of Stockholm has approximately 24,000 islands, so you can take your pick!

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