What is A.P.A. and how it is calculated

What is A.P.A. and how it is calculated

12. October, 2021

A.P.A. - Advance provisioning allowance

What is A.P.A.?
A.P.A. is an advance payment to cover the guest’s expenses during the yacht rental.

A.P.A. includes:

How is A.P.A. calculated?
The percentage is calculated based on the boarding cost and varies approximately between 20% and 30% of the rental cost. The rental contract will indicate the precise amount.

When is A.P.A. requested?
A.P.A. is requested once received the final payment for the charter, usually a couple of weeks before departure. We ask for A.P.A. before departure to prepare the yacht, so that the crew and the captain can purchase everything the guests have requested.

Control and verification of the A.P.A.
The Captain is in charge of collecting the receipts (bills or invoices) of all purchases made with the advance payment. He will present an overview of the expenses at the end of the rental period. Do not hesitate to request an update to figure out the status of the expenses and the remaining balance.

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