12 tips before setting sail: safety pills on a sailboat

12 tips before setting sail: safety pills on a sailboat

12. October, 2021
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12 tips before setting sail: safety pills on a sailboat

The beginning of a trip on a sailing boat must always be preceded by a sort of briefing on good behavior on board. They are simple points that the captain reminds the crew members, but above all he highlights to the passengers. These tips are very useful for guest passengers, as following them will make life easy on board, as will relations with the crew.

Even if they are very remote, unforeseen events that put the cruise at risk may occur at sea. It is good to know what to do if necessary, first of all for the crew, but let's see what it is:

  1. How to get on board. Bring the boat close to the dock by pulling the rope, lower the walkway (when available) and secure the rope until all passengers are boarded. Same procedure for landing.
  2. Do not board with heavy objects. It is not advisable to get on board or go ashore with heavy objects.
  3. In an emergency use the radio. Being prepared for every eventuality also means knowing how to use the instruments on board, especially for passengers. It must therefore be explained to them how the radio works and how to send emergency messages, using GPS positioning data if available.
  4.  Ask for medical information. The skipper must be informed of any passenger health problems. Know which diseases they suffer in order to have a complete picture of the situation and be ready together with the crew for every eventuality.
  5. Safety equipment. Show the functioning of life jackets, indicate exactly where they are housed. It also shows where other safety devices are, such as the rocket launcher and fire extinguishers.
  6. In case of falling into the water. If a crew member falls into the water, it is a good idea to always have a life preserver or jacket ready to throw at sea. On the deck or elsewhere on the boat there should be a device ready to be thrown overboard.
  7. What to do while browsing. Indicate to the passengers where to position during the navigation, which are the best and safest places. Advise on how their weight affects the stability of the boat and the same exposure to waves.

  8. Indicates the dangerous points of the boat. Getting around by boat is not as good as doing it at home, you need to warn about possible dangers such as the boom, vang and hatches where you can easily fall if distracted. It should be explained that these points and part of the boat can be dangerous species in rough sea conditions. So always move with great care and caution.

  9. Awareness. The boat being a miniature "world" can be insidious, always announce it out loud, for example when the front door is open. Explain how to move especially at night, when visibility is low, pay attention to the hatch and leave it closed when engaged on the bridge.

  10. Passengers helping the crew. It is a good idea to invite passengers to set sail, a contribution that is especially valid as an onboard experience. Obviously taking the necessary precautions and leaving them the tasks they can do with ease.

  11. Inform of dangers during navigation. There are points on the boat that can be dangerous when sailing offshore. The skipper must inform the passengers so that they are aware of the possible risks. Passengers must strictly follow the crew's instructions.

  12. Informal coexistence .During the journey, the relationship with the passengers must be informal and convivial. In this way a feeling is established that brings us closer to a friendly complicity, making the stay on board much more pleasant. Often this leads to a greater interest towards the sailboat and the sea from the passengers, who will surely have a positive experience to tell.

These are the topics on which to pay attention and remind passengers and crew, the success of the cruise also depends on compliance with these rules.

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