Sailing boat or catamaran, what are the differences for a cruise

Sailing boat or catamaran, what are the differences for a cruise

5. May, 2022
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The time is coming to finally go on vacation, hang your jacket in the closet and fill your suitcase with dreams and expectations. If you are thinking about a cruise on the sea, aboard a sail, you are definitely a person who loves to live intensely their emotions, who loves freedom and seeks the boundless spaces to recharge itself.

Nothing like the sea, like the starry vault seen from the sea, gives our spirit the same emotion of infinity. Come aboard, free spirit, set sail with us on the most beautiful journey you’ve ever made.

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Sailboat or catamaran, this is the dilemma

If this is your first time embarking on a cruise, it is certainly useful to know what are the differences between these two types of boat. Basically it is a choice between two different modes of navigation:

These differences are due to the way of construction. The catamaran is a set of two boats connected by a transverse bridge and, in fact, slides over the water; the sailboat, vice versa, is immersed in the water with its keel and consequently the cleft, cuts the waves. The result is two completely different ways of sailing: easier with the catamaran and more sprint with the sailboat.

Often for those who embark for the first time it might be advisable to catamaran, more suitable even if you want a comfortable and relaxing cruise. While, on the other hand, if you prefer a closer contact with the forces of nature, the choice of sailing offers undoubtedly greater satisfaction.

Two different navigation styles for one fun

The width of the surface available on a catamaran is, even psychologically, of superior impact. The space is greater and so is the stability of the boat. You can keep yourself upright more satisfactorily and you are immediately greeted by the comfort of the relaxation area. The space resulting from the walking surface lends itself more to a navigation that focuses mainly on comfort and relaxation, sunbathing, enjoying the vault of stars lying down.

Conversely, the performance in terms of speed and mileage are more limited than those offered by a monohull such as a sailboat. Surely the spaces are more narrow but, if you are not afraid to take the sea, you can cut the waves more effectively with the result of traveling more and arriving earlier. Of course these are extreme descriptions to make sense of the difference between the two types of boats.

In both cases relaxation, comfort and comfort are guaranteed whatever the choice you make. We are talking about cruising, therefore of vacation and not of sporting competition. Perhaps for the first trip ever on the sea the catamaran offers a psychological feeling of greater stability, but from the second trip onwards you must definitely get on a sailboat for your cruise.

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