"For you who are at the first experiences, who can not swim and still do not know if you will have problems with seasickness, the best thing is to face only a few hours of navigation with wind and sea maybe favorable; you will be able to evaluate if you can then face a weekend or even a whole week on a sailboat." This was my first information received from those who attend the sea daily.

Good wind...

A bit of Istria by boat and Sailing

My first experience was a mini cruise of three days (two nights) starting from the enchanting Trieste to discover Umag, Citanova and Poreč, joining, between a turn and a gybe, walks in the heart of some beautiful Istrian locations. A weekend of sailing, relaxation and discovery of these coasts of the Upper Adriatic. 

"It is not always easy to understand what you want from life. You understand it little by little, experimenting, trying, trying. And often a lifetime is not enough." -EPOREX

My Experience

Completely unaware of what I would expect and in particular of the 'rules' to be respected by boat, I climbed in what for me was a jewel. Below deck, a beautiful and complete environment that I never thought could find space in a 'container' that I thought was very small. I was wrong. 

Captain Alessandro shows me the behavior to be held out of respect for the boat itself, other guests and the sea. All new, as a child I listen and look at everything as if it were from another planet. Small rules that allow then a complete freedom.

The departure from the port of Muggia to Croatia, to live two nights on board, was not particularly exciting, but just outside the port, arrived in open sea, I was kidnapped by the maneuvers to open the sails (really exciting and finally I know what it means to fuck the mainsail!), then turn off the engine (immediately reached by the silence and the only rustle of water and wind) letting the wind finally become our 'mantra'. An emotion difficult to describe here, but that filled my heart and made me understand immediately why the sailboat collects such a great charm.

It is not my only adventure/ experience in which the wind becomes a living element, solid, present (see: GTE and HIKING&FLY), but here acquires well-defined names, with maneuvers and positions of sails 'dedicated to him', so that, even with a breeze, the boat can continue to sail. But the strongest feeling, incredible, and I wish it never ended,  is when you are lucky to find a strong and powerful wind (e.g. bora) that leads to 'spin' the boat and make it tilt strongly. Indescribable this moment, when you feel that the wind is something not visible but really present, like the water under the boat.

In my head, having decided to start from locality A and arrive at locality B assumed a time and a direction, but "it depends".


Depends is the word I’ve heard most often. It is not enough to want to want to reach the desired destination to get there, instead you have to get by with the absence of wind, the rough sea, sailing upwind, the weather maybe not favorable. Also finishing in a calm and being completely at 0.00 knots speed is a thing to try, because it makes you enter a dimension of total absence of time, it also stops him. To enjoy these moments, however, I didn’t have to be tied to the usual 'movement' hinges. It may seem that all this leads to a waste of time; instead I found myself in the opposite dimension, that of reclaiming time.

Then there is 'fluid'. Not the Fluid Love that we discuss with the lucidity of wine; not even the fluidity of water or wind. What I discover is fluid is time. Time that loses its authority, rigidity and determination. Time punctuated by the sun, from the temperature of the water (to take a bath), from the rumbling of the stomach, these are the hands that mark a fluid time no longer 'vulgar', but based on what I want, I feel and I can do, released from "what time is it?".

Info and References

It is a beautiful experience (to be included in the BucketList) that however ironically do not recommend to those who are chronically hyperactive and can not appreciate a true full relaxation (totally in contrast to the emptiness of boredom).

There is another 'funny' contraindication: in the following days, once back on land, I felt on several occasions the feeling of being still in the boat with the ground swinging under my feet, I had to concentrate on the fact that instead I was planted on solid asphalt. Nothing so fluid!

In these few days the refrain that I was told by all the people I met was the luck of having met Captain Alessandro and his wonderful boat White Eagle. I must say that this combination has been increasingly appreciated now and then, both for the nautical skills given by his many years of experience in racing, both for the predisposition to explain and cordially entertain its guests, both for the willingness to comply with our requests.

Alessandro is available to study your individual needs, but you can find ready itineraries at the agency BeBlue (www.bebluesailing.com) with which he collaborates and .... ask to sail with the White Eagle and its Captain!