Sailing trip, an eco-sustainable choice

Sailing trip, an eco-sustainable choice

12. May, 2023
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In recent years, the focus on ecology and sustainability is growing, also in the world of tourism, and more and more people are choosing to adopt a responsible and environmentally friendly approach in their holidays. According to the Sustainable Travel Report 2021 conducted by Booking.com, 83% of travellers consider sustainable travel essential.

Eco-tourism is therefore spreading, that is, the type of tourism that is aware of the negative effects that mass tourist flows can have, and for this it is committed to reducing its environmental impact as much as possible, focusing on the values of respect for the territory and local communities, harmony with nature and promoting the conservation of biodiversity and habitats. It is therefore important to raise awareness of biological and cultural diversity, so that the trip can be an opportunity for enrichment and meeting both tourists and host communities.


Sailing as a form of sustainable tourism

Among the forms of sustainable tourism there is undoubtedly the sailing trip: a boat that takes advantage of the wind, reducing fuel consumption to a minimum, perfect to rediscover the pleasure of freedom to the rhythm of nature. An experience that allows you to see the destination from a new point of view, to be in contact with the sea and to combine relaxation and adventure, all with a minimal environmental impact.

At BeBlue we are committed to making every trip a little more sustainable through several measures:

Choose one of our proposals and sail with us

If you are thinking about a sailing trip for your sustainable holidays, you are in the right place!  Alone or with family, with friends or on honeymoon, with boarding at the cabin or renting a boat just for you, we have many proposals:

The destinations can be the most varied: you can stay in the Mediterranean and explore the beautiful archipelagos of the Cyclades Islands in Greece, the Aeolian Islands in Sicily, or even the Balearic Islands and the unspoilt landscapes of Croatia. Or you can venture into the exotic seas of the Caribbean and Maldives, among crystal clear waters and white beaches.

Whether it is your first experience of this type or you are already an experienced navigator, a sailing holiday is definitely a perfect choice if you want to live a unique experience of sharing, harmony with nature and escape from everyday life, respecting the planet. 

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