Tourism Environmental Sustainable Levy

Tourism Environmental Sustainable Levy

5. April, 2024
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Exploring the Seychelles: Environmental Sustainability and Natural Beauties

Welcome aboard our adventure through the magnificent Seychelles! Today, we will talk about the updates regarding the Seychelles Tourism Environmental Sustainable Levy for 2024.

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The Environmental Sustainability Levy: Investing in the Future of Seychelles 

Whether you're seeking a luxury experience, a relaxing beach vacation, or an exciting adventure in the wild, the Seychelles have something unforgettable to offer everyone. As a prime destination for travelers seeking pristine landscapes and unparalleled natural wonders, the Seychelles have always strived to maintain ecological balance and protect its unique environment.

To further enhance conservation efforts and ensure a sustainable future for the nation's tourism industry, the Ministry of Finance, National Planning, and Trade has taken a decisive step to safeguard Seychelles' environmental sustainability with the introduction of a levy.

The Tourism Environmental Sustainable Levy is a tax introduced by the Seychelles government on August 1, 2023, with the aim of supporting environmental conservation and sustainable management of the archipelago's natural resources, aiming to protect the unique ecosystems and rich biodiversity of the area.


Useful Information for a Dream Vacation that Respects the Environment:

The levy, calculated per person/per night, will be charged in rupees (SCR, the official currency of Seychelles) and must be paid directly by tourist establishments at the time of check-out. In order to support inclusion and alleviate the tax burden on certain categories, exemptions are provided for children under 12 years, airline personnel, and Seychelles citizens.

The levy rates will vary depending on the size of the tourist establishment:

The Tourism Department expresses confidence in the introduction of this levy, aiming to enrich the experience of those visiting the beloved islands of the Indian Ocean, while ensuring a better future for generations to come.

 Increased Investments in Marine Conservation:

A significant portion of the revenue generated by the levy will be allocated to marine conservation projects, including the protection of coastal habitats, management of marine reserves, and combating marine pollution.

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Promotion of Responsible Tourism:

The Seychelles Tourism Environmental Sustainable Levy will also serve to promote responsible and sustainable tourism in the archipelago. This will include initiatives to raise awareness among visitors about the importance of environmental conservation and to encourage environmentally respectful behavior during their stay in the Seychelles. A portion of the levy revenue will be used to develop and improve eco-friendly infrastructure in the Seychelles, including waste management systems, recycling facilities, and sustainable energy solutions.

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Updates for 2024: Other Taxes

The Seychelles Port Authorities have announced their intention to introduce a boarding fee starting from January 1st, 2024. According to this decision, all adult passengers traveling to and from Mahé will be required to pay a fee of 2 euros per person for each internal ferry journey.



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