A workshop course dedicated to enthusiasts, shipowners and skippers. You will analyse the most common issues related to inboard and outboard engines through practical and theoretical workshops, the operation of the diesel engine and its parts, with an in-depth analysis of the solutions and interventions required to ensure efficiency and safety. Practical lessons will be held in the classroom with inboard engines on a test bench.

DEPARTURE BASE San Secondo Parmense, Parma
Available dates

Saturday 11th November 2023

TIME OF DEPARTURE Daily course from 09.00 to 18.00

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Teaching materials

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AICS membership fee (30€)

€180 DISCOUNT ACTIVE: €150 per person.
The workshop will be activated with a minimum of 3 participants. 


This weekend is entirely organised and run by BeSkipper a.s.d. (Associazione Sportiva Dilettantisca)

Additional information

Language Italian and english.
Class Sailing School, Event Ticket
Product ID 36

You will learn:

    • Types of nautical engines
    • Diesel inboard engine operation
    • Operation of its components
    • Practical tests of ordinary maintenance
    • Practical tests of intervention on malfunctions
    • Focus on outboard engines
    • Safety: how to intervene in case of engine-related emergencies


    • Individualization of engine parts, structure
    • Diesel engine operation (simple diagrams and description)
    • Notes of petrol engine operation (brief description of carburettor)
    • Diesel engine feeding (tank diagram, filters, fuel pump, injection pump)
    • Diversity of injection
    • Direct and indirect cooling
    • Heat intercoolers (tubes and plates)
    • Lubrication


    • Vent oil line
    • Filters replacing
    • Impeller replacement
    • Component wear check 

The workshop will take place in San Secondo Parmense, Parma.

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