The course dedicated to the management of emergencies at sea and aimed at releasing the OSR (Offshore Special Regulations) certificate

Knowing how to deal with emergency and survival situations at sea is the main theme of the Offshore Personal Safety Training Course. The course aim at providing fundamental skills for sailing in complete safety. For this reason, a special applied educational and training program has been planned (two days in the classroom and in the swimming pool) for obtaining theoretical and practical knowledge to deal with emergency and survival situations at sea and at releasing the World Sailing OSR certificate, valid 5 years.


Upon passing the final exam, the World Sailing OSR certificate is issued, valid for 5 years.

Included services

Teaching materials

Not included services

AICS membership fee (30€)
Food and beverage
Night accommodation

€300 for two days of course theoretical in classroom, practical in swimming pool and final exam.
€200 for the renewal of the expired certificate on Saturday only.

For participating in the course it is mandatory to have a valid FIV membership.


Available dates: 27/28 January 2024
Classroom course on Saturday: two theory sessions in the classroom regarding the regulations and mandatory and recommended on-board equipment, prevention and management of emergencies
Pool exercise on Sunday: opening the life raft, swimming and survival techniques
Final exam: at the end of the practical test


This weekend is entirely organized and managed by BeSkipper a.s.d. (Amateur Sports Association) in collaboration with a FIV and World Sailing certified instructor and trainer, authorized to issue the OSR patent.

Additional information

Language Italian and English
Class Event Ticket
How to come AIR: Trieste Airport (TRS)
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The following topics will be addressed during the course:

- Offshore Special Regulations 6.01

- Liability of the person in command

- Personal and collective safety equipment - correct use and maintenance

- The life raft, right choice and use

- Man Overboard Jacklines

- Waterways and fire on board, loss of steering gear

- Preparation and equipment of the boat

- Sails in harsh weather and storms

- Medical emergencies

- Opening the life raft

- Swimming and survival techniques

Trieste, Italy