The course dedicated to the use of the VHF radio and the issue of the VHF-SRC license.
The on-board VHF radio is an important element for safety, and it is essential to know the correct procedures for its use. Unnecessary or incorrect transmissions could block a Mayday distress call. For this reason, this course recognized by the RYA (Royal Yacht Association) has been designed in which you learn how to send emergency and urgency messages, make inter-ship calls, what to say, how to say it and when to say it. In a weekend you will have the opportunity to take this course also online and obtain the SRC certificate also recognized in Italy, a legal requirement for the use of a marine band radio as well as for the issue and assignment of the MMSI code by of the Ministry of Economic Development.


Upon passing the VHF / SRC exam (theory and practice), the international certificate "Short Range Certificate - SRC" is obtained, issued by the RYA (Royal Yacht Association) and also recognized in Italy, which is the legal requirement for the use of a marine band radio as well as for the issue and assignment of the MMSI code by the Ministry of Economic Development.

DEPARTURE TIME The course briefing takes place every Tuesday from 19:00 to 20:00

Included services

Teaching materials
Classroom and simulators

Not included services

Food and beverage
Night accommodation

Cost of the online course: €150 €140
Cost of the course: €250
Exam fee: £60 to be paid on the day of the exam at the RYA



Classroom course duration: 1 day (classroom course 9am - 6pm) and exam the next morning
Online course duration: from 8 to 10 hours (in asynchronous mode) and exam to the RYA center.

The course will be taught using VHF radio simulators and a school level of English is required. What to bring:
- 2 passport photos
- Credit or debit card (to pay the license / exam fee)

The exam, which is held immediately after the end of the course, will also include a short written test.


This course is entirely organised and run by BeBlue's partner school V4S.


Additional information

Language International crew and guests
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The Marine Radio Short Range Certificate (SRC) course allows candidates to understand how to use modern VHF radios equipped with DSC controllers and is an introduction to the Global Maritime Rescue and Safety System (GMDSS). 

The following topics will be addressed:

- Basics of operation of the radio

- Correct frequencies (channels) to use

- Emergency procedures, urgency and medical assistance

- Digital Selective Calling (DSC) using simulators

- GMDSS: worldwide rescue and safety system at sea

- Radio beacons emergency position (EPIRB)

- Search and Rescue (SART)

You will learn the phonetic alphabet, the correct voice procedure, the GMDSS system, the messages "Securité", "Panpan" and "Mayday" and the DSC controller.

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