Join us to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Thailand: an unforgettable experience. We will spend 14 days of fun, with our aperitifs and parties under the stars, and adventure exploring islands and seabed of all kinds. There will be the opportunity to visit the beautiful city of Bangkok where you can choose to wander around the city and enter the various temples it offers, or you can relax in the hotel pool where you will enjoy a view of the city. You can also enjoy a massage on the beach or taste the typical dishes of Thai cuisine sitting directly on the beach.

DEPARTURE BASE Salak Phet Marina , Thailand

Meeting in Bangkok Tuesday, December 27, 2022 and departure for Italy Sunday, January 8, 2023

Included services

Travel assistance and registration fee
Basic insurance
Double cabin spot
Transfers to/from the Marina
Italian Skipper
Bed linen and towels
Final cleaning
Dinghy with outboard engine
2 nights accommodation in Bangkok

Not included services

Flight tickets
Food and beverage
Harbour and buoy fees
Marine Park ticket
Multi-risk insurance (Covid-19 and cancellation)

Catamaran PREMIUM : 1,990€ per person for accommodation in a double cabin with shared bathroom
Catamaran PREMIUM PLUS : 2.190€ per person for accommodation in a double cabin with private bathroom

Additional information

Language Italian and english.
Class Premium, Premium Plus
How to come AIR: Phuket international Airport (HKT)
Product ID 101
Thailand - ID 101

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Thailand - ID 101

Day 1 - Tuesday 27/12

This day will be dedicated to discovering the spectacular city of Bangkok, a wonderful city full of culture. Here you can see the many temples it preserves or relax by the pool or with a nice massage. You can enjoy this city both by day and by night!

Day 2 - Wednesday 28/12

Today we will move to the Marina of Salak Phet for the boarding which will begin at 4pm.

Day 3 - Thursday 29/12

After breakfast we set sail for Koh Chang, Thailand's second largest island, a true paradise on earth. Here you can relax on its magnificent white sandy beaches lulled by the sound of the wind moving the palm trees, or you can decide to take a swim in its wonderful waters, or for the more adventurous there is the possibility of venturing into its rocky hinterland. To the south we encounter the island of Koh Ngam, which is very unusual in that it has a small bay formed by the mountains stretching down to the water; then we move off to the west to visit the island of Koh Phrao, famous for its peaceful air and its coconut trees.

Day 4 - Friday 30/12

We weigh anchor and sail to the island of Koh Maak, a small islet in the heart of Thailand, full of white beaches with crystal-clear water and coconut plantations. Here you can enjoy a refreshing drink while relaxing on the beach. To the west of this beautiful island are the islands of Koh Kra and Koh Rang, located in the Koh Chang National Park, which boast a beautiful coral reef at the bottom that is well worth a visit.

Day 5 - Saturday 31/12

We sail to our next destination: the island of Koh Kut. A very special attraction for tourists is the natural pool located in the heart of the island above the famous waterfall, here you can relax accompanied by the sound of the birds  present. In addition to this it also offers numerous beaches where you can swim in its beautiful waters.

Day 6 - Sunday 1/01

Next stop on our incredible trip: the island of Kow Wai, an ideal destination for those who love adventure and tranquillity. For more adventurous tourists, the island offers a beautiful coral reef, or if you are looking for a bit of tranquillity, you can lie on its sandy beaches and enjoy the peaceful climate that envelops the entire island.

Day 7 - Monday 2/01

Another island we visit on our trip is Koh Kham. This small island is a diver's paradise thanks to the presence of a spectacular coral reef, where you can discover all the beauties of the local fauna. What strikes the tourists as soon as they arrive on the island is the large number of trees present, but also its white sandy beaches with its crystal-clear water.

Day 8 - Tuesday 3/01

Let's move on to the island of Koh Kra Dad, an essential stop for people who like to be in peace surrounded by nature. The seabed of this island offers a fantastic coral reef inhabited by a wide variety of flora and fauna.

Day 9 - Wednesday 4/01

The penultimate islands we visit on our trip to Thailand are Koh Man Nok and Koh Man Nai. These two islands have no facilities within their territory, in fact they are completely covered in greenery, but are well worth a visit on a beach holiday; particularly at low tide the sea recedes and allows a glimpse of the beach and the golden seaweed lying on the white sand.

Day 10 - Thursday 5/01

The last stop on our trip is the island of Koh Chang Noi, in which the construction of structures is forbidden but can be visited by boat. This island offers numerous spots for snorkelling and seeing the fantastic marine environment on its seabed. Perfect for diving enthusiasts. 

Day 11 - friday 6/01

We will disembark at 10:00 at the Marina of Salak Phet, and after that we will leave to discover the city of Bangkok and we will stay there until the evening of the next day to then leave and return to Italy. The night will be spent in a 4-star hotel in the city center.

Day 12 - Saturday 7/01

In the morning we will spend in Bangkok where you can dedicate yourself to visit the last temples or buy the last gifts you need. In the evening we will go to the airport and take the plane to Italy at 11:45.

Day 13 - Sunday 8/01

You will arrive by plane in Italy around 9:45 in the morning


LAGOON 400S2 (2016)
Class: Premium Plus

LAGOON 400S2 (2016) View MoreLess

Technical Sheet:
Model LAGOON 400S2 (2016)
Type Catamaran
Year 2016
Length 12.87 m
Width 7.92 m
Sail area 90.00 mq
Cabins 4 double + 2 crew
Beds 8 + 2 crew
WC/Shower 4+ 2 crew
ISLAND SPIRIT 410 (2017)
Class: Catamarano

ISLAND SPIRIT 410 (2017) View MoreLess

Technical Sheet:
Model ISLAND SPIRIT 410 (2017)
Type Catamaran
Year 2017
Length 12.63 m
Width 7.03 m
Sail area mq
Cabins 4 + crew
Beds 8 + crew
WC/Shower 2

Boat models, technical specifications and options may be subject to change. BeBlue arranges crews by balancing age, gender, and attendee-specific requests and reserves the right to make free upgrades to higher grades if needed. All boats are selected with care and experience.

BeBlue reserves the right to replace the boat presented in the catalogue, or out of catalogue, with another of similar class and quality.