Set sail with one of the Beblue selected boats to discover the marvellous town of Carloforte in the south of Sardinia. This little city is ready to surprise you for breath-taking landscapes, little hamlets created during the past by the Ligurians, where it possible to visit the ruins of this ancient domination, between fortresses and defense walls.  This italian hamlet is one of the most beautiful in the world, thanks to the wonderful natural landscapes which create a contrast between barren and luxuriant nature and the blue water that surrounds everything. The sailing cruise will bring you through two different itineraries, depending on the weather conditions and the guests' needs. Let yourself be guided towards the hundreds earthly heavens all around Sardinia, in a relaxin holiday through the crystal-clear water.  Selected catamarans and sailing boats are waiting for you to set sail through Carloforte, in Sardinia. Contact us for a personalised estimate.


DEPARTURE BASE Marina del Sole, Cagliari
Marina del Sole, Cagliari
Marina di Capitana, Cagliari
Marine Sifredi, Carloforte
TIME OF DEPARTURE Check-in at 5:00 pm on Saturday - Check-out at 9:00 pm on the following Saturday

Included services

Travel assistance and registration fee
Sailing boat or catamaran
First and last night in Marina
Bed linen
Route and wheater forecast briefing

Not included services

Final cleaning (from €130)
Fuel (approx. €150)
Skipper (from 1260€)
Hostess (from 850€)
Outboard engine for dinghy (from 60€)
Ports and buoys extra (aprox. 100€)
Provisioning on-line with delivery on board
Rent Insurance

From €2.200 per week for a boat with 3 cabins and 1 bathroom.
All the indicated prices are for a week. 

Sailing boats or catamarans with 4 or 5 double cabins and 3 or 4 bathrooms are available for groups from 6 to 10 persons.


The main airport to reach both Cagliari and Carloforte is Cagliari-Elmas Airport (iata code: CAG). The airport is connected with the marinas through public buses and trains or pirvate transfers. Don't hesitate to contact us: we are available for any advice.

Additional information

Language Italian and english.
Class Rent
How to come AIRPLANE: Cagliari Elmas Airport (CAG)
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Southern Sardinia from Carloforte - ID 277

Southern Sardinia from Carloforte - ID 277 View MoreLess

Southern Sardinia from Carloforte - ID 277

Day 1: Check-in

Check-in available from 17:00 at the embarkation Marina. After the technical check-in and a short presentation of the boat, you will be able to take a seat in the cabins and board the galley before starting with a short visit to the small town of Carloforte, a colony that originated from Ligurian fishermen, which still preserves some intact elements of the past. You will have the opportunity to dine in one of the small restaurants that will offer you fantastic Sardinian cuisine, spending the night mooring in one of the bays here around. 

Day 2

After breakfast, we set sail from Carloforte to begin our exploration towards the St. Peter island, the best way is for sure the circumnavigation of it by sailing boat. Some of the unmissable stops of this island strictly connected with religion are for sure the Carloforte’s columns, a natural landscape characterised by two rocky structures shaped only by wind and water, and also the rocky coastline of Mezzaluna. The white sand and rocky beaches of La Caletta and Punta Nera will be unforgettable.

Day 3

We continue the navigation towards the one of the most beautiful natural sight in Italy, the rocky bay of Masua, which holds some earthly rocky heavens. The calcar white rocks in contrast with the surrounding crystal-clear water give rise to Pan di Zucchero’ s cliff. The day ends with a dive into the crustal-clear sea in front of Cala Domestica, a little natural paradise made of white and gold sand, a perfect snorkelling spot.

Day 4

Sailing through west, we move to the Teulada region: wild and luxuriant vegetation surrounded by crystal-clear water. Porto Pino is the best beach in this area, a landscape that has nothing to envy to Caribbean destinations: here you will find crowded beaches for tourists and for nature’s lovers there are some white sand dunes, where you will enjoy some tranquillity. A short navigation will bring us towards the hundred’s shades of the sea which surrounds Cala Zafferano, a destination far from chaos where to immerse yourself in white, rose and gold beaches, crystal-clear water and Mediterranean luxuriant vegetation.

Day 5

After breakfast we set sail to explore the others earthly heavens in Teulada. Tuaredda beach will leave you breathless for the contrast created by gold sand, green vegetation and turquoise water all around, a little paradise for an unforgettable snorkelling. The little town of Chia is waiting for us for a short walk around the old town and some relax on the desert marvellous beacheas.

Day 6

And after a nice breakfast, we set sail for an enchanting place: Carloforte. Here is the right place to take a dip in the pristine waters of Sardinia. Then we will sail towards Sant’Antioco, a famous destination for the numerous archaeological remains that follow one another. Then we will head to Punta Giunchera which is instead a true paradise for nature lovers, as it consists of a lagoon surrounded by lush vegetation.

Day 7

Our vacation is drawing to a close, but the last day will also be dedicated to navigating magical places. The last destination of our sailing cruise is Calasetta, a small town of white houses overlooking the turquoise waters, where you can fully enjoy the peaceful spirit of Sardinia and the Sardinians, surrounded by nature and silence. Return to the Marina at 18:00 with overnight stay in the port included.

Day 8: Check-out

Disembarkation is scheduled for 09:00 on Saturday.

The itinerary might be subject to variations due to weather conditions, safety and technical evaluations of the Captain of the boat. This programming is intended as indicative and non-binding.

Southern Sardinia from Cagliari - ID 442

Southern Sardinia from Cagliari - ID 442 View MoreLess

Southern Sardinia from Cagliari - ID 442

Day 1: Check-In

Embarkation is scheduled for Sunday, in the late afternoon, at the Marina di Capitana. Once you get aboard (you will already find stowed the galley ordered by you online by coordinating in the days prior to departure with the crew) we will enjoy a welcome drink and dinner in one of the restaurants in the area or in the center of Cagliari.

Day 2

Once settled in the boat and familiarized with the space, in the morning, full of energy to begin this exciting experience, we set off for our first destination: the beach of Nora at Capo Pula. We will sail lulled by the waves of the sea and propelled by the force of the sail, until we are greeted by two promontories surmounted by ancient watchtowers; it is then that we will realize we have arrived at our destination. It is this panorama that will provide the backdrop for our first apéritif on the boat, cheers to this adventure that begins!

Day 3

After a nice breakfast, we set the bow for the next stop: Chia, undoubtedly one of Sardinia's most beautiful beaches. During the sailing trip, those who want to try it can give the skipper a hand in hoisting and adjusting the sails - definitely an experience not to be missed! Once we arrive at our destination, mask and snorkel in hand, we are ready to dive into these crystal-clear waters and then enjoy a walk on the beach with its numerous kiosks. In the afternoon, we set off towards the Gulf of Teulada, enjoying the last dives of the day and preparing for the night at the roadstead.

Day 4

What better way to wake up than with a nice dip in these pristine waters? And after a nice breakfast, we set sail towards the island of San Pietro, more precisely in the direction of Carloforte. Before entering the harbour we will stop in the inevitable bay to refresh ourselves from the day's sailing: for those who wish, the skipper also gives sailing lessons (he really cares about this, better to indulge him). In the late afternoon we arrive at our destination, a stroll around the shops, and then a nice fish dinner in a small restaurant serving typical cuisine. We will then spend the night in the harbour.

Day 5

In the morning we are ready to sail along the coast of the island of Sant’Antioco until we reach the dunes of Porto Pino beach: a boundless desert of soft and fine white sand, shaped by the wind. The Mistral, dominant in this stretch of sea, will allow us a fun sailing with a stern wind and we will be able to cross the Gulf of Palmas. We drop anchor on these beautiful turquoise beaches and reach the shore by swimming or for those who want to stay completely relaxed, with the tender. Here at night the calm and transparent water invites you to a midnight swim under the stars.

Day 6

We wake up surrounded by this celestial sea that invites us to a last dive, after breakfast we set sail, and with a short sail we reach Capo Teulada, the southernmost point of Sardinia. We stop more precisely at Cala Galera for a nice dive, its waters are full of colourful fish, a spectacle for the eyes. We set off again for Capo Malfatano and drop anchor in front of Tuaredda beach, an oasis of calm, protected waters, which we enjoy between dives. Perhaps for lunch we can stop at the local bar/restaurant, with its distinctive thatched roof.

Day 7

With a beautiful crossing, in which we enjoy manoeuvring the boat as novice skippers, we head towards Cagliari for the last dives of the holiday! More precisely, we set course for the Marina di Capitana, where we return for a last dinner in the company to spend the last night on board.

Day 8: Check-out

Last breakfast on board and embarkation scheduled for 8 a.m.

NOTES: In the event of a particularly strong north-westerly mistral, the cruise may be rescheduled with an eastbound route towards Villasimius instead of westbound.

The itinerary may be subject to change depending on weather and safety conditions and the technical assessment of the boat captain. This programme is intended as indicative and not binding.

Pan di Zucchero: adventurous caves with some trekking routes or discovering by water. Porto Flavia is an ancient mill now opened to the visitors. Turri beach is divided between different geographical shapes: beach immersed in rocky walls and turquoise water, white sand and hundred’s shades of blue sea and finally pebbles beaches; everything is controlled by the ancient control tower over the coastline. Guidi’s bay is the ideal destination for the ones who want to live a relaxing holiday between uncontaminated beaches and crystal-clear water, in an earthly peaceful oasis. The Cala Vinagra islet is a natural breath-taking landscape, made by colourful rocks and turquoise water.