Team building: companies on a sailboat to improve the business

Team building: companies on a sailboat to improve the business

12. October, 2021
Company events: Team Building & Incentive

Team Building: companies on a sailboat to improve the business

Team building, a term that has become part of common language, basically means to create a group through shared experiences. In the professional and particularly in the business world, team building is not just an expression; it is a real practice that contributes to the improvement of the “production system”. Building a group is based on experiences, which can be of various kinds, but which in any way have the aim of connecting, of strengthening group cohesion. It is little affinities that make the group homogeneous and certainly stronger, able to make unanimous decisions for the good of the company, which, in the end, is also the good of the team.

It is one of the methods coming from the USA, where companies try to promote relations among employees, at the management level but also among subordinates. Team building is not only at the top, indeed it is applicable to all company levels, even though it requires bigger efforts at the managerial level. Among the common experiences that reinforce the relationships among colleagues, some are more effective than others. For instance, a football match unites, but a more immersive experience can be much deeper.

A sailing experience that strenghthens the group

Sailing is an experience that makes everybody participate and be emotionally connected by the same sensations, definitely improving group cohesion and participation. On a sailboat, living together becomes very “intimate”, in the sense that confined spaces contribute to reinforcing friendship and create a sort of “military camaraderie”. Colleagues can become closer thanks to the sharing of mostly unknown subjects, and they try to help each other; the lack of experience of the group unites. This is something that usually happens on a sailboat, where the members who live such experience tend to trust each other.

A sailboat definitely offers all this and much more, for example a sound collaboration spirit, essential for any group regardless of the type of activity. Another important aspect is the recreational part, because also having fun with the group unites and creates complicity. Having fun together makes everybody much more affable. Fun is certainly an implicit element when sailing in a group.

More complicity, more competitiveness, more success

Success is built with kindred people who share the same objectives. It’s not a written rule but it works like that and it couldn’t be otherwise. This is the aim of team building, to create the best working group that can reach the planned successes, and not only. Of all the possible experiences, a sailing trip is definitely the most engaging.

This is what counts in a shared experience: the degree of engagement that it can stimulate. On board, it becomes automatic to be close, to feel one with the boat as if you were one of its parts. A beautiful feeling that becomes a life experience, which will remain and become more intense at work.

A sailing cruise for a work team is not only a beautiful trip. For the company, it will mainly be a good investment that will bring very good results!

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