Conditions of sale BeSkipper ASD

Conditions of sale BeSkipper ASD

3. May, 2022


Upon registration, the participant:


ART. 1 - Regulation of activities
a. In the activities managed by the Amateur Sports Association BeSkipper the rules are dictated by the safety in every situation, the respect of the needs of the individual and those of the group compatibly to the achievement of the objectives.
b. All participants in the activities are are equally responsible for any damage caused to vehicles, equipment and equipment.
c. Each individual participant is liable for damages caused by the same cause to persons or property during the course of the activity.
d. For the prevention of COVID-19, in compliance with the directives issued by the Competent Authority (http://www.governo.it/it/coronavirus-normativa) in order to protect the health and safety of participants in any activity, be they educational, sports, indoor/outdoor, each participant will be required to: always wear their own mask and PPE provided, keep a distance of at least 1 mt. by the other participants and to avoid any contact which might favour the transmission of pathogens. At boarding and each day the participant will be measured and recorded body temperature. In the event of a temperature exceeding 37.5 ºC it will not be possible to take part in the activities.
and. The Amateur Sports Association BeSkipper is in any case exempted and relieved from incurring non-contractual liability pursuant to Article 2043 and following C.C. in relation to the damage that the members and participants had to procure to themselves and other participants during the conduct of activities.
f. The Amateur Sports Association BeSkipper reserves the right, without any refund of the fee, to remove each individual participant for reasons of order, safety and in any case its behavior is contrary to the rules.

ART. 2 - Application
The application for participation in the activities managed by the Amateur Sports Association BeSkipper and then the affiliation to the same of the individual, will be formalized upon acceptance of the conditions at the time of confirmation of the service. It will therefore be the utmost care of the individual to give careful reading to all the "Contractual Conditions" and "General Conditions". The application will be valid only if the contractor has reached the age of majority.

ART. 3 - Quotas
The participation fee must be paid within 48 hours by bank transfer, together with the compulsory annual membership fee and insurance. Failure to finalize the payment of the fee on time makes void the admission to membership and/ or participation in the activity (if already a member) and can not be subject to retaliation by the participant whose registration will then be canceled.

ART. 4 - Insurance conditions, included in the membership card A.S.D. BeSkipper, and procedures for reporting claims:
• The insurance coverage provided by the Amateur Sports Association BeSkipper is stipulated by the National Sports Promotion Agency of reference AICS with the insurance company Allianz, is valid until 24 hours of 31 August of the current sports year and ends with the end of the validity of the card. It guarantees: a. compensation for physical damage to the person determined according to the accident up to € 80,000.00
for permanent disability, up to € 80,000.00 for death; b. a fixed chalkboard reimbursement of € 200.00 for all radiologically confirmed fractures; c. a reimbursement for medical expenses up to € 3,000.00 with an excess of € 150.00 (Allianz policies No. 501225181 and supplementary A1 No. 501225193)
• How to report claims: in case of personal injury reported during the activities, the policyholder must download the forms from www.aics.it section "insurance". The insurance forms must be completed by the injured person in all their parts, signed and sent to sinistriaics@civitus.it within 5 days of the incident attaching a copy of the AICS membership card, ID card, the privacy form and any medical documentation required.

ART. 5 - Waivers, penalties and nullity clause
to. In case of withdrawal for health reasons, the participant to the activities must give formal communication on site by e-mail attaching the medical certificate stating the impossibility to participate in the event:
• up to 45 (forty-five) days before the event the participant of the activities will be entitled to a refund of 70% of the activity registration fee.
• up to 30 (thirty) days before the event the participant of the activities will be entitled to a 50% refund of the activity registration fee.
• the waivers received within the 30 (thirty) days before 

ART. 6 - Cancellation for reasons of force majeure
In case of cancellation of an activity by the Amateur Sports Association BeSkipper for causes of "Force Majeure" (see also prohibitions imposed for health emergencies such as COVID-19), the activities will be rescheduled under the same conditions in terms of duration and cost at the first possible opportunity. Such cancellation and relative reprogramming for causes of "Force Majeure" cannot be object of renunciation or revenge from part of the associate.

ART. 7 - Place of jurisdiction
Any dispute concerning the interpretation or performance of this contract or any problem related thereto shall be governed by Italian substantive law. All disputes, disputes or differences concerning any matter arising out of or relating to this contract shall be settled before the competent court of Bergamo.

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