What is it and how to obtain the RTF radio telephone operator limited certificate

What is it and how to obtain the RTF radio telephone operator limited certificate

RTF - Limited certificate of radio telephone operator

The use of radioelectric equipment on board boats and ships of any type is subject to the possession by the operators of a Certificate that guarantees that the level of competence is adequate for the service to be performed.

Limited certificate of radiotelephone operator for ships without examination: it is suitable for use on board stations with power not exceeding 60 watts, installed on ships of gross tonnage less than 150 tons that do not use digital selective call (DSC - Digital Selective Call)

This means that it is possible to use both VHF and MF / HF devices equipped with DSC functions (generally all those produced after 1999) as long as these functions are not "activated", ie the ship's MMSI code has not been memorized. In order to use the same devices with activated DSC functions, it is necessary to obtain a general or limited certificate of G.M.D.S.S.

It is mandatory for:

  • equipment inside the boat
  • portable devices

What is needed:

  • filling in the form available at the following link: https://www.mise.gov.it/images/stories/moduli/rtf-rev.pdf
  • two passport-sized photographs, identical, one of which authenticated by the competent authorities;
  • receipt of payment of 0.52 euros to the postal account 11026010 in the name of the Provincial Treasury of the State of Viterbo (payments for radioelectric license fees for private use - RTF Limited Certificate).
  • a 16.2x22.9 cm size envelope with the applicant's address written and pre-franked for € 6.95 required for sending the certificate by registered mail.
  • photocopy, not authenticated, of an identity document of the subscriber for the issue;
  • a second stamp duty in force (in addition to the one affixed to the application), which will be applied on the RTF certificate;

Download the form

Corso Radio VHF - DSC

BeSkipper: VHF Radio Course - DSC

The course dedicated to the use of the VHF radio and the issue of the VHF-SRC license. In a weekend you will have the opportunity to take this course also online and obtain the SRC certificate also recognized in Italy, a legal requirement for the use of a marine band radio.

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