Sailing is your dream and you would like to get to know this world? The first-level course BeSailor is just what you are looking for. The BeBlue tutors, with their passion and expertise, will let you acquire the essential basics to conduct a sailboat and soon become a good sailor. An introductory course alternating theoretical lectures and practical training on board and at sea, on boats of small and medium dimensions, in areas without difficulties and under easy and stable weather conditions. All under the careful and expert guide of a BeBlue tutor.

  • AXA travel insurance
  • Double cabin spot
  • Tutor on board
  • Bed linen
  • Final cleaning
  • Teaching materials

€225 per person per weekend with possibiliy to add the course BeSailor2 for only €195. 

The course is activated with a minimum of 4 participants


Additional information

Language Italian and english.
Class Sailing School
Product ID 23


What you will learn:

    • Experience: discovering a sailing boat and life on board.
    • Boat handling: learning where the wind is coming from, maintaining the route at different points of sail, importance of balancing weight on board, reducing or gaining speed and stopping a boat through the help of the sails.
    • Manouvers: fitting out and stripping, knowing the different types of sails, tacking and jibing.
    • Learning to position yourself in a navigation area through a nautical chart.
    • Safety: use of personal protective equipment and on-board safety rules, shortening sail when stationary, actively learning the different roles within a crew.
    • Technical abilities: learning the fundamental knots.