BeSailor 2 is an intermediate course dedicate to the ones who already know the basics of sailing and the main nautical terms. Under the careful guidance of our BeBlue Tutors, you will improve your technical abilities at the rudder and your sail handling skills. Trying out the different roles on board, you will also discover how much fun it is to be part of a crew. A specialization course to confirm the competences already acquired and to find out new practical and theoretical aspects of a saling boat. It takes place entirely on small and medium-sized boats, in a navigation area with no particular difficulties and in manageable weather conditions, always under the expert guide of a BeBlue Tutor.

Included services

Basic insurance
Double cabin spot
Tutor on board
Final cleaning
Teaching materials

€225 per person for a weekend. The course will be activated with at least 4 participants.

Additional information

Language Italian and english.
Class Sailing School
Product ID 24


What you will learn:

  • Experience: being part of a crew and trying different roles on board, preventing wrong maneuvers and learning the correct timing and boat-handling for preparing to drive a boat by yourself.
  • Navigation elements: orienting yourself at sea and on the nautical chart, identifying navigation signals, compass bearing.
  • Safety: identifying the safety equipment on board and its use (fire extinguishers, flares, VHF), shortening the sail, experiencing all the roles within the crew for the rescue of an object at sea, recognizing and avoiding risks for the members of the crew.
  • Boat handling: navigating at each different sailing point, adjusting the sails, maintaining the route.
  • Manouvers: adjusting the sails according to the weather conditions, anchorage in a bay and buoy mooring.
  • Technical abilities: you will learn to read and use compass and bearing compass.


Imbarco disponibile dalle ore 19:00 del venerdì presso Marina di Lavagna, Genova o La Spezia